I'm a weird child and I'll admit that, but weird in a good way. I love the rain. The smell…the damp feel after a storm. I adore the way puddles sparkle like stars in the sunlight, and when a raindrop falls, how it looks like a crystal floating in the air until it melts into a sea of reflection.
My name is Lori. I'm 17 and I'm a senior in High school. I attend Ocean View Private School for Girls. It's a small school, but it's home. I'm an only child, and the closest things I have to siblings are my two best friends: Lacey and Danna. Danna's the oldest. Her birthday is in October, my birthday is in December, and Lacey's is the January after mine.

Usually we'll hang out at the mall or the movies. Except when it rains. Lacey hates the rain because it ruins her hair. Danna likes small showers but hates thunderstorms. They're similar yet different from me. Neither of them have big families. Lacey's an only child, like me, and Danna has an older brother. He's twenty and sometimes will just drop us off at the mall or the movies. He'll give us some money to buy stuff or to watch a movie and tell us what time he'll be back. If we're still there he'll either wait for us or try and find us. If it's raining he'll sit in the car. Unlike Danna he loves thunderstorms. He says it's good for ghost stories. He only tells them to get on Danna's nerves. Lacey loves his ghost stories because she loves him. I don't care for ghost stories all that much but I'll listen. He usually tells stories about teachers disappearing and going after their students. He always names them after the teachers he had in high school. Since he went to a different school we never knew any of his teachers but Danna met them when they came over for parent teacher conferences about his bad grades. We all usually make good grades. Sometimes our teachers give hard assignments but we usually pull through.

My teachers are nice but not as nice as Mrs. K. Mrs. K. is really Mrs. Katrina Kanina, but everyone calls her Mrs. K. Mrs. K. is our bus driver. There aren't many people who ride our bus, mostly freshman and sophomores, and Lacey's cousin. Lacey's cousin is named Trista. She's friends with the school snob, Marla. Marla doesn't like the rain one bit. I used to be friends with her, but she was always worried about her hair or her nails. She has a huge house and says the top floor is all hers. Yeah right. No one believes her, not even Trista. Trista says that Marla's never invited her to her house. Ever. Neither Trista nor Marla like the rain. They say it feels too sticky afterwards. I don't care. I love everything about the rain. There's a song on the radio called "Race Between the Raindrops" It goes:

"I look at you, wanting to smile,

But I know I can't. I haven't the strength.

I want nothing more than to go back,

When we used to race between the raindrops."

I can't remember the rest of it but that's okay. It's by Rose Pearl. She also wrote a book series called "Charm". The books are everywhere and everyone reads them. I don't read much, but those are really good books. I'd rather write "My Perfect Life". It's a story I'm writing. Basically it has my views on everything. The main scene is me sitting in a bay window looking outside at the rain. It tells about what I wish my life were like. And about my secret crush…