Breathe in and out
That's all that it takes
Don't give up
Don't give in
Just breathe

Breathe in, breathe out

The tension is there
Steaming, swarming
It wants your attention
You want to let go

Breathe in

Each step seems to be harder
Muscles burn with atrophy
Lungs exhale
And it hurts
Just to breathe
Hold on
a moment longer
Just a moment

Breathe out

It will soon be over
The miles will come to an end

Breath in

The tide will be going out
Hold on, the day's almost done

Breathe out

You're crying
And everything seems sluggish
The pain is too much
It's telling you
Why do you have to push yourself so?
Give up
Give in

Breathe in

But you have to remind yourself
What you're doing has meaning
There are people counting on you
Don't worry you can rest soon

Breathe out

Breathe in and out
That's all it takes
Take it by the moment
Don't look too far ahead
You know what's suppose to happen
Now all you have to do is make it happen
But you need to keep going

And breathe

Just breathe