"My Hope"

I keep my eyes fixed on my hope,
The hope for everlasting life,
In this world it helps me cope,
With all the pain and strife,

There's death, sickness, famine, and war,
But soon these will all be no more,
Peace will be for everyone,
Sin and death will both be gone.

Only righteous people will dwell,
In Paradise where all is well,
For under Jesus Christ's rule,
Life will never be cruel!

A resurrection there will also be,
Loved ones we are going to see,
No more disabilities,
No more hostilities!

Animals and men will be at peace,
Our lives will never come to cease,
Plenty of food there will always be,
People will all be in glee!

The earth won't have any pollution,
There won't be contamination,
This may all seem too good to be true,
But I can honestly tell you,
That God has made this guarantee,
Check the Bible and you will see.

Author's note: This was for a school assignment, I had to write about something I strongly believed in, so I wrote about the hope that I, as one of Jehovah's Witnesses, have. I know my best friend will know what I'm talking about and maybe if there's someone out there who's a Witness, they'll know too. I know most of you all won't know what this is talking about, but just read the last four lines again. Oh, and as always, please review if you can! Thanks so much!