Jamnis's arm encircled my waist, and I caught my breath. Shaking slightly, I looked up from the floor. He gently spun me around and put his free hand on the side of my face. He titled my head up and we locked eyes. His were dark. "We have to leave," he said, softly. I just stared at him. What was he talking about, leaving? "Dana," he murmured, "someone has just made a phone call which... disturbed me." I knew his hearing was good but hell... wait... disturbed a vampire?

I put both my hands on either side of his face and glared at him. Even with our height differences, our noses were touching. "Why did it disturb you?" I asked. He blinked at me, and started to pull away, but I slid my fingers together behind his head and kept the position up. I was not going to do anything until he told me.

He sighed. "Later," he whispered. I shook my head slightly. He paused for a moment, contemplating. This gave me a chance to note the thickness of his black hair under my hands, to study the strong features of his face. I'd never really noticed before, but damn, Jamnis was hot. His eyes brightened, they looked determined. My face began to pull together its quizzical look. Jamnis took a step forward. Knocked off balance, I grabbed his shoulders for support. He effortlessly lifted me up, bridal style.

As he started carrying me towards the kitchens in the back, it occurred to me that looks weren't everything. Yes, Jamnis was handsome, but he was mostly a stubborn pushy bastard. "We'll talk later," he said, kicking open the kitchen door. Always has to have his way. Definitely not good boyfriend material. Damn control freak.

Looking over his shoulder, I could see that the rest of the customers were being ushered out of the restaurant by the wait staff. I had time to wonder why they were letting us go in the opposite direction before the kitchen doors swung together Jamnis set me down. He put his hands on my shoulders and spun me to face three other vampires and their dates.

If you have never been scrutinized by even one vampire then you don't really know what it is to be self-conscious. They can see every detail of your body, every curve, every flaw. A long list of my body's imperfections began to form and I blushed furiously. Sirel would have struck a pose or flicked them off. I just stared at my feet.

I assumed that the tall blonde was in charge. He nodded casually towards Jamnis while massaging his girlfriend's neck. She was blonde too, about five feet tall, wearing a skimpy blue dress. The other two vampires, a set of red-headed twins, were with equally blonde and beautiful dates. The men were all dressed like my vampiric companion, in nice shirts and pants with black leather jackets on. I wondered how Jamnis and I looked in comparison. Not that it mattered, because we weren't a couple. Right.

"We've been waiting," the tall blonde said. Well no duh, I thought. How stupid do you think we are? What else would you have been doing? "What kept you, Jamnis?" There was a tense silent for a moment. I looked up at Jamnis. His lips were pressed firmly together. He was not happy. Our position suddenly seemed precarious.

Finally, the silence broke. The tall blonde acknowledged me with a curt nod, saying, "I'm Avery, by the way." Jamnis relaxed. Avery ran a hand through his girlfriend's hair. "This is Pallas."

Wow. The name of a Greek goddess. All right. Jamnis shifted his weight. "This is Dana. We have a class together at the University." He didn't run his hand through my hair.

"Where's Sirel?" Avery asked.

"She's at the hospital," I responded automatically. The day before she'd come out on the wrong side of a fight and had broken a leg. Then I felt, rather than heard, Jamnis suck in a low breath. Whoops. Forgot Sirel hadn't gotten around to calling him about that yet. It was small comfort that Jamnis couldn't question me further about that, not here anyway. He'd get around to it sooner or later. I gulped.

Pallas coughed. "Speaking of hospital," she drawled in a thick Southern accent, "What are we going to do with Mr. Stevens?"

"No use letting all that blood go to waste," one of the red-heads commented, a sick hope swimming around in his watery blue eyes. Avery shrugged and waved his hand vaguely.

"Help yourselves," he said. "Everyone else should be out by now." The twins departed while their dates followed almost lazily behind. I hoped it was just to watch. Perhaps they were going to the restroom. Anything would make more sense than them including themselves in Avery's invitation.

Avery turned to Jamnis. "So, how did the reconnaissance go?" Man, he was really into massaging that poor girl's neck. Completely ignored it when she winced, too. Add another reason to the Why-Vampires-Don't-Make-Good-Boyfriends list.

Sidestepping me, Jamnis grabbed Avery's shoulder and they walked down to the other end of the kitchen. Pallas rubbed her neck and smiled at me. "From where you were sitting Jamnis could hear the whole argument," she said.

Dumbfounded, I stared at her. "What?"

She cocked an eyebrow. "That's why he came. He brought you so as not to seem suspicious." She actually laughed. "Didn't he tell you what was going on?"

"What?" I asked again. Pallas's eyebrows rose past her bangs. "He came because... oh." Everything made sense now. Well, most of it. Part of it. The sudden invitation to dinner must have been because he couldn't reach Sirel, and he needed someone to come with him. And Jamnis had requested the particular table we'd sat at. "Oh shit," I whispered. Pallas started towards me, as if to comfort me, or slap me (I'd started trembling), I don't know which. "Wait!" I snapped my head up and locked my gray eyes with her blue ones.

She smiled bemusedly. "What?"

"You knew those two men were going to have a fight?"

"Yes..." she seemed confused, but she was grinning. I probably looked like a babbling idiot in her gaze. I clenched my fists and glared at her. "That was the whole point of tonight..."

My blood began to simmer. "So you knew he was gonna die?" I shrieked. Tears sprang to my eyes. Avery and Jamnis looked up at me.

Pallas bit her lip. "We knew it was a possibility," she admitted.

This was too much for me. My knees buckled, I dropped to the floor and started sobbing. For some reason I was able to now, where I couldn't back in the room of the actual murder. Not only had I been used and lied to, but I'd been witness to a murder that these people knew was coming! They could have prevented it!

Jamnis appeared by my side and combed the hair out of my face. He actually looked worried. "Dana," he began.

"No!" I screeched. "This is all your fault! I don't want to talk to you!" I jerked up and ran out of the kitchen.

And smack dab into a feeding frenzy. I'd forgotten about the twins. This is not good... I froze, eyes transfixed on the scene before me. The twins stared back at me, eyes cold and calculating. Oh boy...

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