Just Wait

Lost in thought
The day stretches on
It could be endless
It usually is
When you're waiting
Waiting for something important

Angish and fear
Are all that are felt
As you just sit and stare
A pause in conversation
Can last a lifetime
With the wrong person

Finally they say
The words you're expecting
Your brain is numbed
And you feel as if it will
All just go away if you
Hold your breath long enough

It doesn't
For all of
Too long
Shock doesn't
Last forever
Just wait

It sinks
Useless dashed hope

Past fear
What's the point
Of getting worked up
The worst that can happen
Is not so bad
For that

Just wait
It should pass
Just wait
Just wait
Just wait

AN: I wrote this about two years ago (right before my iMac died, I've finally got it fixed) I found this and thought I'd post it. Please review.