AN: A lovely angsty poem for you. Another one for a couple of years ago. I assure you that I don't feel this way anymore. If you want to review that would be great (and thank you *very* much if you do), if not don't worry too much; as I said it's an old poem and I'm putting it up to refer people to more than expecting huge amounts of reviews : )

When You...

When you've got to the point where -
You don't care if you live or die,
What do you do?

When all you feel is white noise and -
You're bored of everything,
What do you do?

When the only thing in life that -
You love is death,
What do you do?

I pray that I could care about life,
I wish that I could feel again,
I dream that I could love life,
I hope that this all ends.