Why am I so lost right now?
Why does everything seem so confusing and sad?
I have friends
a great life
but no boyfriend...
could that be it?

Or am I just lonely...but from what?
my life could not be any better
I have everything
a great family
great friends
a nice house with a warm bed

But why am I so sad?
why am I not living my life to its fullest?
why do I always seem so depressed about everything?
I think I need some help...
some help in finding out who I am
And why I was meant to be here

A great friend of mine once asked me,
" Do you know what the meaning of life is? "
And I said, " No, tell me, "
And he said, " The meaning of life is to live, "
I'll bet you he's right.
but if I am going to live...I want to be happy

But how will I be happy?
How, I ask you?
I need some help
In finding myself
my purpose
my heart