"The president has arrived" Malone announced as a trembling man came in behind him, "Mister President" Edea said greeting him, "you need not be nervous", the man looked around at Viron and then at Titus, "needn't be nervous you try not being nervous after being approached the way I was about this and then brought here not to mention seeing all of this" he said In a queasiest voice they had ever heard, "we kept hidden to prevent conflict between you and all of us", "well you certainly became known to us at a rapid pace don't you think" the queen of England walked in followed by her delegation and the Sultan of Arabia who was representing as well, "are you a banshee" she asked as she waked up to Myrna, "why yes I am, I am Myrna Queen of the Banshees" "it is a pleasure I have heard a great deal from my people of the Banshee folk tales, both good and bad, oh we're my manners, Elezibeth the 2nd" the queen said extending her arm to Myrna, "a pleasure, and of these tales I assume you talk of Shlain, a rouge that we knew had settled in the English country side, we had heard of her activities there".

"everyone may I have your attention please we are ready to begin the gathering, to those just arrived we are sorry but after we get through the first talks you will have time to settle in and ask you questions" Malone announced as he stood in front a great shimmering wall of diamonds. "You would not start without us now" a voice said from above, everyone's attention now was to the ceiling above them were the rest of the mages as well as the mutant delegates descended from the sky roof. "good everyone follow me" Malone said as a great door of gold formed through the diamond wall, it took only a few minutes to fully form and then they opened revealing the great hall, Everyone walked in past chairs of pure silken gold created by the old sages of the past, up the walkway to a round table surrounded bye thrones. "this place is beautiful" Shayara exclaimed as she admired the ruby chandeliers, "breath taking indeed" Queen Elizibeth said as she and the Sultan sat down to the table, all representatives please be seated and all escorts please be seated in the upper seats if you will" Edea said calmly trying to maintain her composure, as she waited for everyone to be seated, "good now today marks the beginning of the 2nd gathering held on this planet and we are proud to include the entire planet on this occasion, this is not however a joyous occasion, I only wish it was" she said looking around at the faces before her, "now will all delegates please state their name so that we may begin" she said looking down at Titus first who stood up, "Titus prince of the Aquarians, "Myrna, Queen of the Banshees, Centron, Leader of the Centaurs, Alanor, Head Mage, Hayta, Queen of the Harpie's, Viron, Prince of the Vampires, Martin G. Hughes, president of the United States, Elizibeth the 2nd, Queen of England, Sarib Mucia, Sultan of Saudi Arabia, Sheron, Leader of the Mutants. "Princess Edea, of the Emerald empire and my second in command Malone of the Pyro empire", "good now lest get down to why we're here, Malone if you would please" She said turning to him, "if you all would face this way, here we have a map of the pathways leading to the Nexus, all these pathway lead to and not from, as everyone knows there is no escape from the Nexus, this is why it was used to banish Lilith and Aragana", all the elderly figures gave a slight jump or glances of discontent at the mentioning of these names, "we have all heard the rumor of there escape though, and we have kept constant contact with the other planets, although we have yet to hear of any activity that might give us confirmation of their escape we still decided to bring this to everyone's attention before things get out of hand.

Lastyrr gave a grunt from his seat as did Serpentus, "Excuse me do you have something you want to say" Edea asked looking at them both, Lastyrr stood up slowly ignoring Virons glance, "things did not get out of hand, it was a full fledged war, and these talks are a waste of time, I say we get forces mobilized and begin constant surveillance of the galaxy" "if they have indeed escaped then we need to keep constant track of all who threatened us in the past, they will no doubt be seeking allies" Serpentus added, "I disagree Serpentus, Centron intervened, there is no one that would help the Dark Empire even our worst of enemies would not join them they know that they would perish as well", "point taken Centron but a few worry me, some more than others" Hayta stated, "well we will inform Saturn's and Neptune's forces to keep track of these rouges and criminals, right now we need to worry about joining all of Earth's inhabitants in case the worst has happened and the Queens have indeed escaped, that's where the Earth's human and Medi-Human "Mutants" representatives come into play" Malone said trying to restore a sense of order.

"That's all good and well, but we still need an immediate plan" Myrna said jumping into the discussion, "she's right" everyone turned and now the focus was on Elizibeth, "we're still just getting used to the idea that you all exist and we have known since we were summoned, telling the rest of the population and having them accept you all will be a task", "what do you mean having them accept us" a centaur blurted out in what appeared to be anger, "CRUXTA" Centron said turning to face the Centaur, "I am sorry sir, but what is this of them accepting us, we all knew this will happen, they will look at us as if we are beneath them, as if we are monsters" "have some of us not done the same" Shayara said from her seat, "even amongst themselves they discriminate each other" Viron said as he turned to face Sheron, "is that not so" he added, "it is but they're many that believe in all of this those who are willing to see past race and looks, you must admit you have disagreements between yourselves don't you, one clan dislikes another" Sheron said as he raised his head, "the medi-huma... Sheron does have a point" Titus said quickly correcting himself, "point well made, we must talk when we are done here" Viron said turning back to face Malone.

"Now, Cruxta we thank you for your point of view and a plan is being formulated as we speak, we are not taking this lightly". As the discussions continued Myrna gave Lastyrr and Serpentus a glance from the corner of her eye, a Harpy escort saw this and quickly looked away to make sure they didn't notice she saw, "what are those three up to" she wondered to herself they were planning something and weather she was going to say anything was up to her.

Three hours after entering everyone began to leave the great hall, signaling the end of the first talks, leaving some more resentful and suspicious than others. "Very productive wouldn't you agree" Shayara said as she quickly walked up to Edea, who just turned glanced at her, "oh come on Dea your still not mad are you?", "you try to play match maker again and you could forget about a card from me during the holiday's", "see I knew a good night's sleep and a hour meeting would put you back in the mood again" Shayara said as she started to skip along side Edea.

The Harpy in the room had kept close vigil on Serpentus and Lastyrr as much as she could, it seemed that they kept their alliance even as social friends quiet and for good reason for it would've been suspicious for an Aquarian and a Vampire to converse on fact the Vampires were not known to be sociable and although it was not all that uncommon for them to converse outside their race it would be peculiar for the one to be seen conversing with another person that was know to be an arch rival of sorts. "Myrna how is your relations with Venus", "You should know by now that it is the Harpies that hold the strongest point on Venus we have little or no influence there" Myrna responded to Lastyrr's question, "and here I thought all female of whatever clan gathered there" Serpentus added, "the Banshees may be female but we prefers our sanctuary of Stone Hendge", "you have a shrine on Jupiter do you not, above the Martian terrain", Lastyrr asked trying to remain inconspicuous from the two, before Myrna could answer Serpentus made a small clearing of his throat sound, the two turned and saw the Harpy quickly turning her head to face the other direction, "Hyra was always the long eared one of the bunch, do you think she suspects something" Myrna asked softly, "I don't know but we continue this talk at a later time and date" Serpentus said as they all took that as the dispersal signal.

Hyra simply watched as the three walked away receiving a look of discontent from Myrna. "That's right I know you three are up to something now, and whatever it is I'm going to find out what exactly it is".