The Lost Mageborn

Kal Torrason has a quest: To find the daughter of the King of a forgotten race called the Mageborns, a race of very intelligent, very powerful magic users who had disappeared over a thousand years ago in a fiery inferno. Nobody knows where they went, or if they are even alive. He is sent to earth to see if the last Mageborns fled to this strange world. While there, Kal meets Rayne Elear, mischievous and fiery natured and is immediately taken with her. But then he starts to notice little things about her, and begins to wonder. Could she be the one he is looking for?

Rayne Elear is searching for answers to her past. She had been raised in an orphanage, and on the day she left, the nuns had given her two gifts; gifts that could possibly be clues to her past. She decides to move to the country and begin her new life. But when she meets Kal Torrason, things start to happen that she can't explain and old nightmares come back to haunt her. Does he hold the answers she's looking for?

Nightshade is a wolf with a dark past. Falsely accused for crimes he did not commit, he is cursed to live his life out as an immortal wolf, and each night he goes through the agonizing shift from wolf to the man he once was. Forced to work with the Shadow, who has evil plans for the lost royal Mageborn, can he redeem himself and still keep the promise he made to a dead King?