The Dance of the Worms

by Megan Auffart

A thousand worms one day
decided to dance
they jeered and they jiggered
they screamed and they swaggered
they hopped and they staggered
and left a strange odor

they crawled through the chimney
in fluid-like motion
the minions of music
in strange locomotion
convulsed with the beat
of a thousand worm hearts
as they slid and they shimmied
a matrix of parts

Their slime trails trace
the source of their path
from the space in the trees
to the lavatories
That hadn't been cleaned
in the long history
Since they were first built
For the people's behalf

They dance until dawn
waltzing their best
till, with a great yawn
they leave home to rest
for the toilets are welcome
They sigh and a thousand
of squiggling worms
Leave their celebrations
and squirm their way home
Their festivities ended

However, to each separate worm it is plain
The sunlight is mortal and night will still come
and release all the masses to their jubilation
For every worm knows it shall mambo again