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The last bell of the day rang at Murphy High, and the students of the school filled the hallways. It was Friday, and everyone was in a rush to get out as soon as possible.

Hope however, lingered behind in her classroom, slowly putting her books into her bag. She wasn't alone in the room, she noticed three other people as well, not including their teacher.

She knew them to be Chloe Atkinson, Blaine Carson, Willow O'Hannagan and the guy she had bumped into at the park earlier. 'It's him,' she thought. 'Funny, I've never seen him before...'

"You guys sure aren't in any rush to get out of here," their teacher, Mrs. Lavalee spoke up.

Hope just mumbled, and let the others speak for her. Willow had done most of the speaking, she was outgoing like that. Hope had nothing against her, she was probably the only girl in the class she didn't hate. Her and Chloe. They kept to themselves, just like herself. They didn't but into others business, or try to be someone they weren't. They were just themselves.

"Is this yours?"

Hope looked up to see Willow holding a pencil in her hand, extending it out to her. "Um, yeah. Thank you," she said, taking it and quickly shoving it into her bag.

"I'm in no rush to get out of here," Willow said, striking up a conversation. "I have detention. Stupid subs, they don't know when to give a girl a break."

Hope smiled. "I know what you mean. I got detention too. All cause I asked to go to the bathroom... Well, there was also the part where I didn't come back. But, way to hold a grudge."

"Want to walk with me?" Willow asked, throwing her bag over her shoulder.

"Sure," Hope said, doing the same.

Hope hadn't been one to make friends. Sure, she made small talk with a few people, but nothing that led to friendship. It wasn't that she was picky, it was more like the other people just didn't want to be her friend.

"So, your name's Hope, right? I'm Willow," the redhead said, once again extending her hand.

Hope smiled and took it, giving it a light shake before letting go.

"You don't say much," Willow said.

"I don't really have anything to say. Plus, once you get me going, I usually don't stop."

Willow laughed. "I'm the same way. However, I have lots to say, and even when I don't, I still talk. Even to myself if no one's around to hear. Not that many people listen. At least at this school. It's so... Dead, you know?"

"Dead, yeah," Hope said. "The people seem dead to me too. They don't even realize I'm alive. They only acknowledge me when they need to make fun of someone to feel good."

"You shouldn't take that."

"I don't," she said, looking over at the girl and smiling. "I can get very angry if provoked."

"Here we are," Willow said, in a sad tone. "Might as well get it over worth, huh?"

Hope nodded and followed her into the classroom. She was suprised to see that her classmates from earlier on were too in detention, along with a few students that Hope didn't recognize.

'What a coincidence,' she thought. 'You'd think this was planned or something...'

"Welcome to detention. There will be no talking, no getting up, no leaving the room and..." the teacher, Mr. Haverstock started, but was interrupted.

"Wouldn't you kinda have to get up to leave the room?" Willow asked, raising her hand. "Just thought I'd point out your last demand is pointless."

"Unless you'd like another week of detention Miss O'Hannagan I suggest you keep your mouth shut and listen to the rules," he said.

Willow rested her back against the chair, tipping it back on it's two legs. The teacher glared at her, before returning to what he was saying.

Willow looked over at Hope sitting beside her, and tapped her gently on the knee. "He's gonna leave in five minutes. Then we're free to do the same for half an hour. Then, he comes back for a check. Then, we leave for another half an hour. We just have to stay away from the west side of the school."

"How do you know this?" Hope asked.

"Trust me, I'm a usual."

Hope smiled and looked around her. Chloe Atkinson was seated in the back, trying to get as far away as possible from everyone else in the room. Blaine Carson was three desks in front of her, gazing out the window, here, but not. While the mystery boy that she'd met earlier, sat in the front desk in the far corner, next to the door.

Her and Willow sat in the middle, looking awfully odd, because everyone had took to sides. But, that didn't bother her. The middle suited Hope just fine, and she was starting to like Willow as more than just the girl that sat in the second row from the back.

'Maybe I can make a friend after all...' she thought. 'Maybe I'm not so frightful that everyone wants nothing to do with me.'

"And that is all," Mr. Haverstock said, standing up. "If you'll excuse me, I'm going to... Well, stay quiet and work on homework. Remember the rules."

Willow stared at him as he spoke, and waited a few seconds after he left the room before standing up. She opened her arms, and smiled.

"So, who wants to go for a walk on such a fine day?"