Stained Glass
I'd never felt anything like this before
So I wasn't sure it was real
And it had to be gone before I was knew
It was heaven and Eden combined
But it's all gone now
The circle's been broken
I don't know what I did to deserve this
But then, you didn't either,
And the worst things happen to the best people anyway.
I didn't realize how much this meant to me
Maybe 'cause I never had it before
And then I did but now it's gone
Nothing lasts forever but why can't I still hope
I just want it back that time was much too short
There is no justice, life's not fair.
All that's left are the memories,
Shattered stained glass on the floor
But at least I still remember what was there.
I suppose that I should have guessed
That I should have seen this coming
But it was all so picture perfect
I'm not sure why this happened
"Cause everyone says something different
Can't shake the shadows in my mind that say its all my fault
I guess it's over
I guess it's gone
I suppose that I should let it go
But I can't help but hang on
To those last shreds of hope
That it all might end
And everything would be the way it was
That you might pick up the pieces
Back together