The first time I had let Tanya have a "session" with me was probably the most emotional experience of my life. I can't tell you why she had such an effect on me. But, a large part of the reason that I look back on it as such a fond memory is that it was not a selfless act on her part. She saw herself as getting a treat. She believed that I had done her a favor by letting her "work" on me.

She was beaming the next day. Glowing. She felt so happy. I think it's because I responded so well. It was like we were meant to do it.

To repeat out sessions too often would make them loose their special quality. We reserved them for special occasions of celebration, or less often, for my sadness. They were connecting, therapeutic, and sensual all at once. But I am getting ahead of myself. You probably don't know what a session is.

Yesterday, I felt a bittersweet pang in my gut that signaled depression. I say bittersweet because the last time I had felt something like it, the session between me and Tanya was so beautiful I could have died from happiness. I was almost overjoyed that I was sad in anticipation of not being sad.

Funny, I don't even remember what I was sad about. What I do remember is I was waiting for Tanya to get home from her job. My skin was tingling as the minutes slowly crept by. Finally I heard a familiar click at the door and Tanya was home.

She was amazingly beautiful. Her messy, shortish hair hung low on her forehead, unintentionally giving the appearance of bangs. The loose leather jacket she was wearing didn't obstruct the sight of her tight red top, which in fact left much to the imagination. Confidence and admiration seemed to shine from her large, blue eyes.

She rushed forward, catching me off guard (although, was I ever truly on guard with her?) and pushing me against the wall. She didn't kiss me, but she hugged me close.

"I missed you today." I relished her warm embrace, and felt her breath on my cheek.

"Was it a bad day?" She gently rubbed her forehead against mine, and wriggled her arms under my shirt. I slightly gasped as her hold hands brushed my back.

With her surprisingly strong arms, she hugged me very close. With her high heels she was a few inches taller than me, which somehow made me feel safe. She used the extra height to kiss the top of my head.

"It's a good day now." She always knew what to say to make my heart melt. I felt myself crumple against the wall, almost involuntarily. She stopped me from sliding down the wall, and we walked hand in hand towards the sofa in the main room. I felt a trace of her bright red lipstick on me, but I decided not to wipe it off.

"How was your day?" She looked into my eyes concerned, and almost cooed the question in her soft voice.

"Bad." She hugged me again. I could almost sense the anticipation in her embrace. We had planned a session for three weeks from now for our one year anniversary, but I knew that she could probably do it every day. I would want to, also, but I didn't want it to lose its significance.

"You want to.?" I nodded quickly.

"Thank you." After all this time, part of her still saw it as a favor to her. It was very sweet and very charming, but I wished she understood how much I liked it, too. I had explained it to her several times, but she said it was impossible for me to enjoy it half as much as her, for she enjoyed it so much.

We quickly went to the bedroom, where we both started setting up and lighting candles. We disrobed as well, both of us practically gasping in anticipation of what was to come.
Her nude form hovered near me for a moment. Her slightly muscular, thin frame sported smallish breasts, which were to me very beautiful. They did not sag, and they did not sway. When they were pressed up against me, they felt wonderful. The angelic look on her face made me feel comforted.

Our session began as I lay down on our soft bed. She lay herself down next to me, and kissed me hard.

At first, I struggled to kiss back near her level of intensity, and then I gradually brought my level of participation down. The rules for our session were mainly governed by the accidental perfection of our first session. We always tried to re-create it as best we could, because we both saw it as perfect. Occasionally we would try something new and make it part of the routine, but the kissing was set in stone.

As it should be. The small squeal she gave as I let my tongue go limp in her mouth was enough to banish the idea of changing anything. That and the heavenly feeling as she slowly sucked on my tongue.

By the time we were done we had been kissing for about 25 minutes. We were both out of breath, and very exited.

I wrapped my arms behind the headboard and propped myself up. There was never any tying involved, what we did was consentual.

She began by sinking her teeth into that area where the shoulder meets the neck. She bit hard, not enough to draw blood, but enough to cause me to cry out. The blissful pain flowed long after her jaws let up. This was never meant to cause any real pain; it was instead a glorious marking. I was hers. And we were both overjoyed with that.

After that, she let her jaws rest on my lower lip, gently pulling on it but not inflicting pain. Her hands, however, quickly moved towards my nipples, teasing them and rubbing them. She teased them, stroking them and occasionally pinching. As she pinched, the also clenched her jaw, causing three jolts of pain through my body from three different areas.

After a while the pain started to grow into pleasure. I could feel my heart speed up and I started to cry out. Suddenly, she let go of my lip, and pinched as hard as she could and pulled with all her might. I felt like my nipples might leave their sockets.

Her arms wrapped around my thin torso, then squeezed. I felt her chest press against mine; I felt her tight embrace signal her possession of me. I could feel my cock pressing up against her thigh.

She released me, and I tilted my head to the side and batted my eyes. She reveled in my weakness and femininity. She cupped my cheek in her hand, and licked my lips sensuously.

Tanya dragged her tongue down, past my chin, down my neck, and towards my chest. She brushed one of my erect nipples. Finally, her mouth rested at the tip of my erect cock.

She suckled, very slowly, at the tip. I couldn't help panting and gasping. I felt warm and excited.

Minutes seemed like hours as the pleasure continued. I needed to cum. I fucking needed to cum. More than anything. But, the licking and sucking continued to be slow. I was seconds from it now, I was sure. I felt it. I cried out, moaning and whimpering like a girl.

My body trembled as I came. She noisily swallowed me and smiled. I took my arms out from behind the headboard and we hugged tightly. She leaned in close to me and kissed me, her mouth still tasting like cum. But that was unimportant.

I was still gasping and shaking, mostly from my emotions. I cried in her arms, I was so happy. We cuddled some more, and before I knew it, I was asleep in her loving arms.