empty room
(silent life)
devoid of awards
(devoid of hope)
floor strewn
shards of plastic
(cheap imitations)
broken marble bases
frayed ribbons
medals melted to shapeless lumps
(shattered dreams)
i curl into
and cry
i had it all
but it was nothing
(it fell through
my hands)
all is faded and torn
worthless trash
(glitz and glitter)
and i have faded with it
my hopes
my dreams
swept up and thrown away
(with the other
discarded rubbish)
i close my eyes
to the bright light
of harsh reality
i cannot close my ears
to the noise of
life passing me by
but wait
there is music
(i swear it)
filling the air
the room
(my life)
is engulfed by
your voice
so sweet
it breaks into my reverie
soothing my soul
i feel you beside me
touching my hair
caressing out tangles
you stroke my cheek
and whisper love to me
(to me!)
and i know you have not
cannot have seen
the remnants of
my soul
scattered, sundered
i try
to tell you
burning my throat
you do not listen
i open my hand
to point to the
you take it
hold it
i feel tears falling
on my skin
but i am still afraid
to look
(how could you?)
lift my hand
pressing it to
your lips
sobs breaking
your breath
until it matches mine
my eyes open
to peer into
your own
i cannot breathe
taking in your glory
wide green eyes
(or are thy blue?
or even gray?)
full of tears for me
perfect lips
still meeting my hand
(i tingle where you
touch me)
broad shoulders
long legs
strong arms
and i
into you
wishing i were worthy
but you
whisper that i am
your hands
(gentle, careful)
weave new ribbons
forge new medals
build trophies
of love
for me
(glorious day!)
you give me pride
fresh and joyful
you give me worth
so that i
may give myself
to you
without fear
(without shame)
i am yours
(i am yours!)
and also
you are mine
to love
to treasure
my life
built up anew
finds itself
in that moment
pours itself
(all of me)
into a kiss
that meets your lips
our love
a forever
that is safe
a future
is born
trembling with