** When It Pours **

Everything seems to happen at once, you know. Life can't just pelt you with one heart-wrenching thing after another; no, it has to overwhelm you until you're so tired of it all that you want to scream and curse everyone because everybody in the world seems to be a damn idiot.

Your problems engulf you until it seems as if every single goddamn minute is spent struggling against the intense pressure in your chest that makes your stomach churn and nausea sweep through your frame. The burning at the corners of your eyes is constant, the threat of tears mockingly consistent. You just want to fall to the floor and scream until your voice fails you and then all you can do is gasp for air, your entire body heaving with tearless, soundless sobs.

Each new problem is like a punch to the stomach, like a leech that latches onto your life force and sucks away at your strength. It is only then that you realize what it means to feel hollow, to feel so tired that you just want to close your eyes and make everything go far, far away. It is only then that you feel so weary that it seems as if nothing will ever work out.

People say that life's a joke. Well, if it is, then the joke's on us. Besides, no one ever said that tricks had to be funny. Some can be damn cruel, leaving in its wake someone shattered, someone lost. There is a great Jester out there, laughing at all of our stupidity. Perhaps there are hundreds of all-knowing Jesters. We are just specks upon this mortal plane, crumpling under the tricks that Life plays on us.

Everything happens at once. Your fears, your tribulations, they all circle you and compress, tightening their grips until that pressure in your chest chokes you and you find yourself falling into that damning darkness which suddenly isn't as welcoming as you thought it would be. Your nerves twitch on their own, and you can't breathe, can't think, can't do anything but convulse and pray for everything to be over. But it never truly is.

(Author's Notes: Yeah.. I'm not in a good mood. But I feel better now.)