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Ch. 1

"You left me today.
You stole my heart and walked away.
Never once did you turn back.
You said you never loved me, said it was all a lie.
Baby if you expect me to believe you then the love in your eyes better disappear because it's giving you away.
The times I held you,
The times we made love, I know it meant something.
You can deny it all you want.
But baby if you expect me to believe you then the love in your eyes better disappear because it's giving you away."

I watched the stage. The lead singer held the microphone close to his mouth. His short spiked black hair was neatly in place and his dark blue eyes were closed as he sung the lyrics. His plain black shirt hung to his muscular chest and his black jeans hung over his boots. His voice was deep and husky and had already hypnosed the women in the audience. Their eyes were all locked on him smiling adorably. It was enough to make me sick.
"Are you sure he's not good for me?" I turned to my best friend who was sitting beside me. Her dark hair was in a ponytail and her green eyes starred at the stage.
"Danette." I sighed. "I promise you if I thought he was good for you I'd tell you but I think he'd hurt you."
"How do you know?" She ask starring directly at Kyvan who had just ended the bands last song. "You don't really know him Ally."
"Cecil has told me things, things he does to the women he dates."
"Geez Al you make him sound like a rapist." Danette mumbled taking a sip of her drink.
"I just think he'll break your heart Danny." I frown.
"What if you're wrong about him?" She smiled. "Maybe he's perfect, maybe he just needs to find the right girl."
"And let me guess." I smirk. "You think you're the right girl."
"Yea I think I could change Kyvan."
"SO let me get this straight you think you could change the famous playboy Kyvan Sparks into a one women man?" I laughed. "Rightttt."
"You don't think I could do it?"
"Danny it's just we're talking about Kyvan Sparks here not some guy from high school who thinks he's the shit, we're talking about Kyvan Sparks who has all of Philly thinking he's the shit."
"Everyone except you that is." Danny said half amusingly.
"You're right." I shrug. "I don't see anything that's so great about him."
"Ally you need to open your eyes. Kyvan is fuckin hott! And you can't say his voice isn't down right sexy?"
"I've heard better." I lied. I will give Kyvan his tricks for being a great musician because well his voice is awesome. Surprisingly he can write great songs too and play the guitar but that's all he can do.
"Liar." Danny stated. "I know you go over to Cecil's apartment when they're rehearsing just to listen to him. I'm not stupid."
"I go over there to listen to the BAND." I corrected taking a sip of my drink.
"Whatever Al." Danny waved her hand to dismiss the whole conversation. "When's their next practice I might find my way over there?"
"Why? You can always come with me to Cecil's." I said referring to my brothers.
"Yes but every time I go over there Kyvan's not home so if they're having practice he has to be there, right? And then I will make him fall in love with me and ditch all the other girls."
"Yea right." I mumbled really getting tired of hearing about Kyvan Sparks. Danny stood quietly for a moment before turning to me with a mysterious glint in her eye. "What?"
"You know that great apartment I wanted to move into last month but you didn't want to?" I nodded not knowing where she was going with this. "Why don't we make a little bet?" She grinned.
"You're crazy."
"No hear me out. If I get Kyvan to fall for me and only me well then we get to move across town."
"That's so stupid Danny." I laughed.
"Come on Alissa humor me."
"Don't call me that. And what do I get from this bet when you walk in on Kyvan and some other girl screwing and it breaks your heart? I'll tell you what I get, I get to listen to you cry your heart out because he hurt you. Then I'd get put in jail because I would go kill him."
"Ally you really need to chill." Danny laughed. "I'm a big girl I can take care of myself."
"Really?" I ask raising an eyebrow. She rolled her eyes.
"Come on this will be fun. I'll get the apartment and I'll get the man."
"Boy. You'll get the boy." I corrected. "And like I ask before what do I get?"
"Umm." She thought about it. "Oh I'll pay for the rent for the next six months."
"Danny that's not a big deal since you have more money than Bill Gates." Ok I exaggerated a little but the girl does have money.
"Ok then what do you want?"
"To forget this dumb bet." I smiled walking away from her. I searched the crowded bar for my brother who had jumped off the stage a few minutes before. Thankfully they were the last band that was performing so people were heading out.
"Alissa you never know how to have fun." Danny pouted after she had caught up with me.
"Don't I know it." I mumbled to myself.
"Hey ladies." A familiar voice said behind us. I turned to see the twenty year old man grinning. His golden locks were a mess on top of his head and sweat was running down his forehead. "Enjoy the show?"
"Yea Cecil you were great!" Danny smiled giving him a hug.
"I'm surprised you noticed." Cecil smirked
"Why wouldn't I notice the cutest guy on stage?"
"Um because you were to busy drooling over the guy singing." He responded playfully.
"Whatever." Danny said her face turning red.
"Ahh its ok Dan I'm use to it by now. All the girls' flauk after Ky."
"I don't flauk after him." Danny mumbled crossing her arms over her chest.
"Sure ya don't sweetheart." Cecil smirked. I smiled as Danny said something about getting a drink and stalked off.
"Cecil." I stated shaking my head.
"I didn't mean to upset her. I was just playing." I nodded knowing he didn't mean any harm.
"Don't worry she'll be over it in two minutes." I shrugged noticing how empty the bar had gotten since the band had gotten off the stage. "What are you doing tonight?"
"You know me." He shrugged running a hand through his short locks. "A few parties, get drunk off my ass and hopefully find a chic."
"Be blunt about it why don't ya?" I said rolling my eyes. That was one thing I loved about Cecil. No matter what he would always tell me the truth.
"You ask. There's no point in lying you know what I do after our gigs."
"Yes I do." I said softly trying not to let my disappointment show. "Well you go have fun catching all those STDs and I'm going home to my warm bed."
"Ally can you just say go have fun and leave the STDs out of it?"
"I'll try to remember that next time." I said as Kyvan and Jack, the bands other guitarist walked up to us with two half dressed women attached to their sides.
"So Winters are you going to Chad's? They say it's suppose to be wild." Jack grinned his grey eyes already glazed over from all the alcohol he had consumed.
"I wouldn't miss it."
"Hey Ally you should come too. You need to learn to loosen up and have some fun." Kyvan smirked.
"My definition of fun isn't getting drunk and screwing the closes thing to me." I replied.
"Do you even have a definition of fun? Oh yea it's sitting at home by yourself or with that geeky boyfriend reading those dumb books you have."
"First of all Gary is not geeky and I'm the one here who has a real job and who makes the real money so maybe you need to get a new definition of fun."
"If you're forgetting I have money." He said cockily.
"You have your father's money you didn't earn it. It was given to you there's a difference." I said glaring. His grin faded and his face got hard.
"I earned that money more than you'll ever know." He replied coldly. "Don't run your mouth about shit you don't know." I backed up a step.
"Ok I think it's about time for us to be going." Jack said. "See you at the party Cecil."
"Yea see you at the party." Kyvan said softly walking away dragging the blonde behind him.
"What is up with you two?" Cecil ask.
"I don't like him." I said simply. "He's such a jerk."
"You haven't given him a chance Ally."
"Whatever Cecil I'm tired so I'm going to get on home, ok?" I replied still shaken up from my encounter with Kyvan. Yea he was mean and a jackass but he had never looked at me like that. On one hand it gave me the creeps but on another it opened my eyes to a whole other part of him, maybe a part that no one else knew, a part that he was hiding. I shook my head and smiled at my brother. "Goodnight brother man." I gave him a quick hug and walked out into the cool October night.

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