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"Dear you come visit me you hear." Rosa says backing away from the tight embrace I had her in. "You are a remarkable young lady and there's something magical about you."

"Magical." I laugh. "I don't think so." I say glancing out the living room window. Kyvan stood beside his black BMW, shoving Rosa's suitcases in the trunk. If I were magical I'd make him love me. I'd make all this pain in my heart disappear. Kyvan glances at the window and pushes his sunglasses up on his head. Our eyes meet for a mere second before I quickly turn back toward Rosa.

"You are." She replies shaking her finger at me. "You have changed him. You've helped him see there are more than tragedies in this world. If it wasn't for you my son would have given up already." Tears roll over my cheeks. "Now don't go crying on me."

"I'm not crying." I reply weakly. She laughs softly and hugs me again.

"Dear it's going to be ok." I nod. "You two will get through whatever this is." The door opens and shuts softly.

"Mother it's time to go if you want to catch your flight." Kyvan says softly. I quickly back away and wipe my tears. Kyvan shifts uncomfortably from foot to foot.

"Ok." The older woman sighs and smiles softly towards me. "I'm sure I'll being seeing you soon Alissa." I smile in return and she slowly makes her way around Kyvan and out the door. He runs his hand through his hair and waits until she's out of ear range.

"You can go on and pack if you'd like. When I get back I'll take you home." He says softly. I nod and look out the window, focusing my eyes on a pair of red birds. They were sitting on the telephone wires. The sun was shining down on them making the red brighter, they were beautiful. A hand cups my chin and turns it. Kyvan was smiling. "Can you ever focus on me more than two seconds?"

"No." I shrug. He laughs softly and kisses me gently on the lips.

"I'll be back soon." I nod. He stands there for an extra second just staring at me. Its funny how you can read all this crap in books and magazines about how time stops or how you get those magical feeling just by a look well that's all it is-crap. Because the feeling I'm getting is so much more than anything I've ever read. It makes me warm and cold at the same time. My feet tingle and my knees go weak. My head spins and my heart swells. Kyvan shakes his head slowly and looks out the window towards his waiting mother. "I need to go."

"Yea." I smile and he returns it. He walks quickly to the door and as he begins to turn the knob I rush toward him and grab his arm causing him to turn around. "Hurry back." I pause and take a deep breath. "We need to talk." He nods and walks out.


"Kyvan over the past week I think I may have-, no I know I have fallen in love with you and you may or may not have the same feeling as me but the feelings I have are too strong to go ignored." I repeat to my reflection for the hundredth time. There needs to be one of those dummy books for telling the guy you love that you love him. Something simple that'd be perfect. I adjust my simple red dress. It took me an hour and a half to find the perfect dress and three phone conversations with Danny to get it right. I flip my straight blonde hair over my shoulders and walk quickly down to the dimly lit living room. I had already moved everything out of the way and had a small table in the center with a bottle of strawberry wine and two wine glasses sitting on it. I spin around, the room looks like a scene from the bachelor or something. The fire lit, candles all around the room, yep this is your clich├ęd romantic night. I don't like it. This isn't Kyvan; this isn't something he'd want. I quickly begin blowing out most of the candles and I grab the wine and glasses and take them to the kitchen. Kyvan would ! I look in the refrigerator and grab two of his bottles and place them on the table. I run upstairs and slip off my red dress and put on a baggy football jersey that I was wearing when I realized I couldn't live with out him. The sound of a car door shutting makes me jump to the window. He was home. I grab a pair of boxers off the floor and run down the stairs. As soon as my foot lands on the last step he opens the door. I try to smile at him but my mouth wasn't working. He brings his eye brows together and looks around the room.

"Umm hey." He smiles. "What's up with the candles?" The guy notices the none lit candles, not the girl in the football jersey but the candles. "And why is my furniture moved around?"

"Oh I moved them." I say simply walking over to him. "Is it raining outside?" I ask seeing that his hair was wet and so was his jacket.

"Whatever gave it way?" He rolls his eyes sarcastically. I smile and help him with his jacket. "So I got the mother departed."

"Yea?" I say sadly. "I really liked her ya know?"

"Most people do." He smiles and walks over to the couch. I hang up his jacket in the closet and sigh. How was I going to do this? "Is this beer for me?" Kyvan asks grabbing one bottle off the table.

"Yea." I say slumping by him on the couch. He turns his head toward me and grins.

"It was fun wasn't it?"

"What?" I ask.

"Being my girlfriend." He smirks and grabs my hand lightly.

"I wouldn't call it fun." I laugh softly. "You can be difficult sometimes."

"Me difficult?" He asks innocently. "You're the one who never lets me have my fun!"

"Oh whatever." I laugh and take his opened beer. "I let you do whatever you wanted to." Kyvan shrugs and looks around the room again.

"What the hell is this all about?" Kyvan laughs. "I'm confused." I glance around the room too. It was a little weird to have a small table in the middle of the room and his furniture lined against the wall.

"I was trying to umm." I pause and look at our hands. He was still holding it lightly, his thumb caressing my palm. "I was trying to..."

"To what?" Kyvan laughs.

"I was trying to be romantic." I say softly. I look up at him to see him smiling down at me.

"You were trying to be romantic?" He laughs. "Romantic for me?" I nod and he laughs harder. I jerk my hand away from his and punch him in the shoulder. My stomach was feeling queasy with every chuckle. "That's the funniest thing I've ever heard."

"Go to hell." I mumble trying to get the energy to get up and walk away. It felt like I had just been run over by a car, no a truck no wait make that a submarine. After a few minutes Kyvan's laughter dies down and he turns to look at me. I turn my head so he wouldn't see my tears or my embarrassment.

"Hey." Kyvan says softly. Now he feels bad-jackass. "I didn't mean to make you upset I just thought you were joking."

"Why would you think that?" I muffle. "Forget it."

"No." He says placing his hand on my thigh. "Look at me." I continue to look at the black TV screen. "It's just your in your pj's and well there isn't any music or dinner or anything." He chuckles.

"These are your pj's not mine." I say softly whipping my runny nose on the collar of the jersey.

"There's nothing sexier than that." He jokes. I merely smile. "Come on give me some credit I'm trying to be nice."

"Trying." I say standing up. Kyvan grabs my wrist and pulls me back down on his lap. "HEY!" I giggle.

"Where do you think you're going?" He says moving his hands down to hold my hips.

"I want to go clean my face." I reply trying to get up again. He pulls me back against his chest.

"Your face is fine." He whispers in my ear. I turn my head a little to the side and my nose touches his. "Now aren't you supposed to be trying to be romantic?"

"Hmm." I mumble closing my eyes while his warm breath dances over the side of my face.

"Turn around." He says in his deep voice. I do as I'm told and straddle him. His blue eyes watch my every movement. His hand roams up to my face and wipes the wetness under my cheeks. "I don't like to see you cry."

"I don't like to cry." I muffle. He smiles at me with his million dollar smile. I drop my forehead onto his. He drops his hands and places them under the hem of my shirt. His finger tips barely graze my lower torso. My heart has sped up at least five extra beats a minute.

"Do I have to say it first?" He whispers nuzzling my neck. I moan. This man was going to be the death of me.

"Say what?" I manage to get out.

"You know what." He mutters placing light kisses across my jaw bone and chin. I shutter as his tongue runs over my bottom lip. I part my lips automatically but he ignores them and continues to run his tongue over my lips. "Ally." He groans as I push myself against him. "I need to hear it from you."

"Hear what?" I ask rolling my head back as his lips land on the tender spots below my ears.

"I can't." He says cupping my butt and in one quick motion flops me down on the leather couch. I let out a giggle when he leans over me.

"That was fun." I say. He grins.

"Well if that was fun I know it won't take much to keep you happy then will it?" He jokes.

"Hmm something tells me you can handle it." I say as he grazes my lips. I lean forward to kiss him but he leans farther up. I look at him strangely

"Alissa this is going to be different for me." He says seriously. "If we start something right now then I want to finish it."

"Ok." I nod. "I want to too." He smiles my eagerness and shakes his head.

"You don't get it."

"Get what?" I ask running my hands under his red shirt. I see him shutter at my touch and I smile. He looks at me with pleading eyes. I bump my leg between his and he groans. If I said it was an accident then I'd be lying.

"I love you Liss." He says in a whisper. My eyes widen and I drop my hands. He said it! HE LOVES ME! HE LOVES ME! I laugh which causes Kyvan to frown. "Not really the reaction I was hoping for." He mumbles shifting on top of me. I laugh harder. "Alissa please stop laughing." I was so not normal. This guy who I love just admitted that he loved me and I couldn't stop laughing. Is that normal? Wasn't I supposed to be nervous or crying? "I'm so glad you find this so fucking funny. The first time I ever said anything like that and you laugh." Kyvan begins to climb off me but I pull him down in a death grip.

"You really think I'm going to let you go now?" I say smiling. I kiss his lips for a mere second before pulling away. "Thank you."

"What?" Kyvan asks confusingly.

"Now that you said it I don't have to give you the whole speech I have been saying over in my head all afternoon." He still looks at me like I was stupid. "Damn Kyvan grow a brain. I love you too!" I laugh and poke his side.

"I really hope that wasn't your speech because if it took you all day to-" Before he can finish I pull him down in an amazing kiss. A kiss that sent lighting bolts under my eyes lids and made my toes tingle even after I curled then until the blood wasn't circulating.

"Can I make love to you?" Kyvan whispers. I smile and blush at the same time.

"I really wish you would." I say. He grins cockily and gets off me. Before I know it I'm in his arms and he's carrying me up the stairs. I look into his bright eyes. They held so much love it was hard for me to believe I had never seen it before. He really loved me.

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