Kevan Travis

"Yo Kevan! Wait up!"

I turned around to the voice of my best friend.

"Hey Rayners." I laughed, "Careful, with those heels, you might fall over."

"Shut up." Rayne smiled, showing off her new pumps.

Rayne Skylark was a blonde bombshell, with blue eyes and a killer smile. I was the exact opposite of Rayne, with dark brown hair and brown eyes. We had been friends for years and so far nothing (boys included) had torn us apart.

"So are we ready to do this Junior year thingy?" Rayne laughed, nodding towards school.

"Sure…" I smiled, "I just hope the guys here aren't dickheads."

Rayne laughed, "Don't worry, there are plenty of fish in the sea. And they are all cuter then that jack ass Jack that you were in love with. Che pasa?"

I sighed dramatically, "Si."

She went on, "Besides, all the guys that didn't have potential either dropped out, got kicked out, or are in jail. Ah. The greatness of the Vineyard School District and the dumbasses they hire to control everything."

I laughed and nodded, she was right. Our high school was separated into two buildings, North and South. The north building housed the freshman and sophomores while the south building housed the juniors and seniors. All the druggies and such were in the north building until they gave up and dropped out. Besides the smart ones that stay in school, the south building is pretty much druggie and hazard free.

"So what is our homeroom class anyway?" I asked as we walked into the south building. I waved to people we knew in the hall. "I didn't bring my schedule with me since we were getting another one today anyway. I love how they waste paper and pretend to care when we're out of money."

Rayne nodded and took her schedule out of her bag.

"D220, Mrs. Munrick, English." She told me.

"I hate English! Of all the teachers I had I swear they're all in agreement and out to get me."

Rayne laughed, "Yea, sure."

"They are!" I insisted, laughing at the "whatever" face she made at me.

A gorgeous guy with dark eyes and hair caught my attention as we continued to walk down the hall. 'Oh great,' I thought, 'it's Jack.'

"Quick!" Rayne whispered. "Pretend you didn't see him."

"He was probably waiting there for me since the doors opened!" I exclaimed, trying not to look over my shoulder at the guy trying to catch up to us.

"Maybe if we walk faster, he'll-" Rayne was interrupted when someone touched my arm.

I looked up to see Jack, smiling at me.

"Hey Kev." He smiled, "How was your summer?"

"Fine." I smiled. "Yours?"


"Why?" I asked, and then added callously, "Your girlfriend didn't keep you company?"

"I was lonely cause you weren't with me. I missed you."

"You do know that you won't get anywhere with that line right?"

"Kevan, please give me another chance."

"No. You should've thought about the consequences when you decided to cheat on me." I answered turing away from him. "I'm done with you Jack." Rayne and I began to walk away.

"Aw…Come on Kev. Don't do this to me I love you. We're meant to be together. You can't live without me." Jack said, taking my hand in his, pulling me back to face him.

I looked at him pointedly, now remembering the jackass he really was. I pulled my hand out of his grasp.

"What part of 'no' don't you understand? Leave me alone before I have a restraining order put on you."

"Kevan!" Jack called after us as we walked down the hall. "If you don't talk to me now I'll never talk to you again."

"Good!" I shouted, "That's the way it should be."

"He just won't give up." Rayne said with annoyance. "You think he'd get the hint?"

I shook my head, "He's too stubborn to realize that I don't even like him anymore. He's too busy worrying about what he can feed his ego. I'm totally done with him."

"You said that last time."

I sighed, "But I'm SERIOUS this time. I Promise."

"You promised last time too."


She laughed. " Fine. But, I'm holding you to it."

When school let out hours later, Rayne and I met up at my Jeep. I loved my Jeep. I even named it.

"Hey Kev," Rayne smiled, "We're having a party tonight…And you are so coming!"

I laughed. "What time?"

"It starts at 7. And you're sleeping over and I'm not taking 'no' for an answer damnit. We have some stuff to do! Plus we have to find you another man."

"Where are your parents?" I asked her as I threw my books in the back seat.

"California, with the relatives." She replied, winking at me as she did so.

"Get in the car." I laughed, "We'll go to my house and get my stuff and then we'll go back to your place."

"Alright. Sounds good."

When we reached my house, we both jumped out of the car and headed inside. I carried my books into the house and set them on the dinning room table. I grabbed some bottled water from the fridge and took the steps two at a time to my room.

"Okay. First order of business…" Rayne said dramatically, as we entered my messy purple room. "Is to find the closet."

I laughed, "Like your room never gets dirty."

Rayne shot me a dirty look. She went back to inspecting my floor.

"Eww!" Rayne shouted, holding up a wet bathing suit, "Didn't you wear this in August?"

I looked around sheepishly, "Yea…"

"Has it found the washing machine yet?"

"Do I own one of those?" I asked, trying not to laugh at her face.

Rayne looked at me idiotically and nodded, "Yes, dear. You also own a dishwasher…but that's all I'm saying. I hope you know it's now September. I'm surprised your suit isn't moldy."

She started picking clothes up off the floor. "You'd never guess you had beautiful wood flooring under this pandemonium."

"Hey! I can't help it!" I said in defense, making my bed. "I got my Dad's lazy gene."

"Yea…That's not all you got from him."

I hit her with a pillow, "Shut up."

Once my room was finally cleaned up, and I could see my floor, we began to pack my clothes. We loaded everything from skirts to pants and from socks to flip-flops into one bag.

Grabbing my teddy bear off my bed, I turned to Rayne and grinned.

"Ready?" I asked, gripping my bag.

"Yes, ma'am."

We loaded back into the Jeep and headed to Rayne's house. When we got there, we immediately began setting up and "decorating". Music was picked out and set up in the family room and the drinks and food would be served in the dinning room.

"So…Rayners…"I said later on while we were getting ready for the party. "Who's coming to this shindig?"

"Uh…some people from school, a few friends of my uncles'…since he's gonna be here…um…the usual crowd. Oh, and the Football team." Rayne answered, brushing her hair one last time before stepping out of the way so I could look into the mirror. I quickly adjusted my hair and fixed my lip-gloss.

"Any hotties?" I laughed, applying a tiny bit of glitter to my eyelids.

"Well…There is this one guy…"


"Well, he's a senior…he plays Lacrosse…well he did. Uh…he's one of my Uncle Jim's friends…Well they used to be friends…I dunno if you'll like him. He's kinda rough…and I hear it's not just in the bedroom."

I laughed, "What's his name?"

"You'll find out sooner or later…probably sooner."

I sighed and smacked my lips together, "Fine."

When we were both ready, we walked down the steps and started the music.

"Want to work on some cheerleading stuff?" I asked, already thinking up new dance steps for the upcoming pep rally.

"Am I gonna get all sweaty?" Rayne asked, "You know I gotta look good for Mark."

"What!? You're gonna look good for all of twelve seconds before you get all sweaty with him upstairs anyway? Yea, that really makes sense."

"First impressions are key Kev, oy vey…haven't I taught you anything?"

"To eat all of the spaghetti and meatballs from your Nonna?"

"Besides that."

"Not really. You're such a nympho I hardly see you." I ducked as she threw my bottled water in my direction.

"Sex is healthy," was Rayne's reply.

"Well, gee, you must be the healthiest woman on the planet." I joked dodging the next item she threw.

"Leave me alone!" She laughed, shaking her head.

I began dancing to the music flowing out of the speakers. I showed Rayne some of the stuff I had come up with the night before. Being the captain of the varsity cheerleading squad was difficult, but I loved it.

"Great," Rayne muttered a few minutes later, "I'm starting to get hot."

"Stop being a whiney hiney and sit in front of the fan." I commented, jotting a few notes down in my choreography notebook I had brought from home.

"Ah…will do, oh Wise One." She mocked, bowing to me.

"I am not a bag of chips Rayne. Besides I prefer Lays anyhow."

She laughed and turned the fan up a notch.

"I really hope there are some guys I'll like here." I said as I watched Rayne relaxing in front of the fan.

"Yea, so do I, so you can get off my back about 'em." Rayne laughed.

"Gee, I'm glad you think of me so highly."

Rayne just smiled.

"Oh!" She shouted, jumping up from the fan, "When's our next band meeting?"

"Uh…now?" I laughed. "I dunno…why? Do we have a gig?"

"No, I wrote something!" She screamed running up the steps. When she returned she handed the song to me and strummed her guitar.

"You read, I play."

The songs their band, Oasis, sang were not the girlish, popish stuff, but the melodic rock stuff like, Yellowcard, Days Like These, Simple Plan, and Michelle Branch. Rayne was the lead guitarist and second vocals while I was the lead singer and occasionally the pianist. I also played some guitar parts…but other then that, I leave that up to Rayne. We also had our friend Cara playing base, Rayne's cousin Rachel on the guitar, and our other friend Kristine doing drums. The band was pretty big in our hometown and we played a lot of gigs when we had the time. As Rayne played the tabs on her guitar, I read over the words.

Ryan Montgomery

"Hey Ry?"

I sighed and rubbed at my eyes. I had slept with the girl and now she won't leave me alone. Stupid girls…they're only good for one thing.

"Yes Amanda?" I responded lazily, smacking a grin on my face as I stepped out of CVS. My shift for work was over so I needed to get home and shower for Rayne's party..

"You never called me."

"It must have slipped my mind." I answered, turning my head and rolling my eyes. This girl was desperate...even though she has a boyfriend…

"But, you promised!" She whined, chasing after me.

One thing I can't stand about girls is when they whine…it's so annoying. They think you actually want hear them complain about breaking their nails…like I said girls are only good for one thing.

"Amanda, I'm a busy man." I told her, getting into my truck.

"I'll get busy with you…" She suggested.

I thought about it and then shook my head. She was really pretty and had a very curvy body, but the sex…it was pretty important and it wasn't that great.

"Why don't you go to your boyfriend for that." I smirked, revving my engine.

"But, I want you Ry."

"I'm sorry Amanda." I pulled out of the parking spot and laughed as she began running after the car. I quickly swerved out of the CVS parking lot. I had to head over to Rayne's place. That girl throws some nice ass parties. And I heard some new hot chicks will be there. Rayne seems to think that she found one for me…but she sucks at setting people up. No lie.

Rayne was my girlfriend for like a month, about 6 years ago, when I was in 7th grade. I liked her, but I liked her body more. Skinny, blonde, big tits…hell yea. But, nothing would've come of the relationship anyway…I wasn't into her that much. Over the years, we became good friends. I was a friend of her uncle, Jim, and somehow, I dunno, we started to hang out. She was pretty cool.

I saw her with a chick today, some brunette, and she was hot. I think she's like; captain of the varsity cheerleading squad…that means she's an easy lay. I'll have to get with her. I hope the sex there is good…I wonder if she'll be at the party…

I pulled my truck up to Rayne's house an hour later. I could hear the bass of the music pounding as I got out of my car. I walked to the door and let my self in, kicking the soda cans to the side as I did so. The place was packed. And there were a lot of girls.

I walked into the family room and immediately I saw Rayne, jamming on her guitar with that very hot brunette singing. There were a few others in the band, but I couldn't focus on them. The only person I could focus on was the brunette. I hated to admit it but she was amazing. She captured the crowd, and somehow, she still managed to come out without looking over-confident. On top of that, her voice was, for lack of a better word, great.

Once, the song was over, she smiled as the crowd in front of them roared and excused the band for the night. The next band walked over to the set and started to set up their instruments. I walked over to the set.

"Hey Ry!" Rayne smiled, setting her guitar in its stand and walking over to me.

"Hey Rayne." I gave her a quick hug. "Nice turnout."

"Thanks." She smiled. Her boyfriend Mark put his arms around her waist.

"Hey man," Mark smiled, "What's new with you? Haven't seen you in a while. How you been?"

"Yea…I've been working on my truck and stuff. I'm doing alright though." I said plainly, and then breaking into a smile, "I'm single but…other then that…I'm ok. Yourself?"

"I'm good since I'm with my baby." He smiled, kissing Rayne.

"Oh, come on. That's sick. No lovey dovey shit in front of me. Please."

"Hey guys…stop the lovey shit…it's disgusting…nobody wants to see that." The brunette joked, walking over to us. She looked at me and her brown eyes caught mine. "I don't mean to interrupt this conversation or anything but," She turned back to Rayne. "Where's the beer?"

Rayne laughed, "Come on Kevan, you've known me for years…you know where the stash is. Just don't over do it."

Kevan? That was her name?

Kevan smirked, "Me? Over do it? Never!" She laughed and continued, "Anybody else want one?"

"I'll take one." I smiled, watching her size me up. She was really HOT.

She smiled genuinely at me before turning back to Rayne and Mark.

"Ray? Mark? You guys want one?" She asked.

"I have a feeling the only thing they want is to get up stairs…Fucking horny bastards."

"Kevan meet my friend Ryan." Rayne shouted.

"Hi Ryan." Kevan smiled, turning around to see them already making out.

"You're probably right." Kevan added, motioning for me to follow her, "They're fucking nymphos."

I laughed, "They won't be there when we get back."

"We don't have to go back." She said quietly as we entered the deserted dinning room. That was very bold…

I saw a blush creep onto her cheeks as she moved a piece of the rug away from the dinning room floor. There was a cut out on the hardware floor that she needed a key to open. "Unless you want to of course." She added, going to the china cabinet and reaching behind a glass bowl, pulling out the key.

"You break in a lot don't you?" I asked watching as she unlocked the hidden door and pulled out a 6-pack of beer. She handed one to me and popped off the lid of her own.

She nodded, "I may act like a good girl, but I'm very, very bad."

I watched her trace the length of the bottle with her finger and I started to get hot. Ryan…chill. This is a girl…what are you waiting for?

"So…what do you wanna do?" She asked, downing some of the beer. "Go outside…go dance…go do something?"


"Do you wanna dance?" She asked me, standing up so I could basically see up her skirt. And what I did manage to see was great.

I ran my hand up her smooth calf.

"I think you know what I want." I whispered, watching her look down at me. I smirked at her and pulled her onto my lap, so she was straddling me.

I began kissing her neck and somehow I ended up kissing her lips. Fucking explosives went off in my mouth with that one damn kiss. I felt her hands slip around my neck as she pushed herself closer to my hips. I moaned in her mouth before I could stop myself. I kissed her again with fervor and slowly as our kisses became more heated, I slipped my hands under her skirt. Just as I was about to stick my finger under the strap of her thong, she stopped me.

"We can't." She said breathlessly.

Gee, thanks, got me all hot for nothing.

"Not here." She finished, smirking and watching my reaction.

I grinned at her, and kissed her again, standing with her in my arms.

"For a second I thought you were gonna bail on me." I said, setting her down on the ground and directing her to the back door, fingers intertwined

"I never start what I can't finish." She smiled, patting my crotch.

I grinned she was no virgin. She was a fucking woman. A woman who doesn't bail.

I brought her back to the guesthouse, behind the pool, away from prying eyes and party crashers.

Things could get interesting now.

Note: Hey! This is my attempt to write something different. I dunno if you guys noticed but all my other stories involve deep love and virginity…and good guys…and as you can see this one doesn't. I'm just trying to spice up my page a little. Throw ya for a loop. (Haha) Tell me if I'm doing ok!

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