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Rosa: shows siblings around house.

Lilac: hears conversation between the adults


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Chapter five

Moving in

Rosa went and sat by her parents. They were a family. A tear fell from her eye. 'I never thought I'd see them again. Is this real? Or is it a dream?' She thought. Aunt Cam stood up and turned to them.

"You're welcome to stay here until you get back up on your feet." She told them. They nodded.

"Let's go find some rooms for you guys." Rosa spoke up. The three went upstairs to Rosa's rooms. "We have plenty. We have enough so both of you could have five and mom and dad could have ten and we could still have more. But I have two specific ones I want you two to have. There's a secret room connected to my room and the ones you guys can have." She walked over to one and opened the door. They walked in. The walls were a pale purple color and it had a door to one side. The bed was a light purple and it had flowers on it. There was a mini library in one corner and a desk right in the middle of it. There was a stereo by her bed and a guitar beside that. Lilac picked it up. She played a chord and smiled at the melody. She put it down and followed Rosa to the other door. "I think you should have this one." Rosa said to lilac. "This is the bathroom." She said opening the door. It was a pretty big bathroom. It had a vanity on the left wall, a tub in the middle of the right wall, and a sink on the other side of it. The toilet was in the far left corner. There was a closet in the far right corner and some shelves above the tub.

"Wow! It's bigger than my room at home. Well my old home." She looked around and found a few lilac scented soaps, conditioner, and shampoo. There were purple towels in the closet with more soaps and toilet paper. Lilac felt right at home. They walked back into her room and noticed closet doors on the wall near the bed. They walked over to them and Rosa smiled.

"This is your new wardrobe!" She told Lilac. She opened the doors to a walk in closet full of purple out fits and at least fifty pairs of shoes. Rosa pointed at the back of the closet and walked to the end. Lilac and Teal followed. Rosa pushed a few outfits aside and revealed a door. It was a small door just big enough for someone to crawl through. She pulled out a key and opened it. They crawled through the doorway and found a beautiful room. It was small compared to the other rooms but it was homely. It had a bed with a few stuffed animals on it and a couch in the center of the room.

"This is the room that connects all of ours. Only I know about it. I found a loose floorboard in each of our rooms and a key was in each of them." She explained. "This is yours." She handed a key to Lilac. It was decorated in purple and had "Lilac" written on the wide part of the key. Lilac smiled. Rosa walked over to another door and opened it. They crawled into a small closet. Rosa opened the door and they found themselves in a bathroom. It was decorated in blues. There was a shower and a closet. In the closet there were a few blue towels and some soap and toilet paper. They went out of the bathroom and were now in a bedroom. The walls were decorated in a dark blue. The bed had a black and blue bed spread and beside that were a stereo and a drum set. It had a few skateboards in the corner by a door. Rosa went to it and opened the door. They walked in another closet full of black and blue clothes. There were only a few shoes which included a few pairs of vans and some sneakers. They went back to the secret room and sat on the couch.

"Here's your key." Rosa said giving it to Teal. It was a blue tint to it and had Teal written on the wide section of it.

"Where's your room?" Lilac asked.

"Well, your closet's through that door," She pointed to the door on the right. "And your bathroom closet is through that door," She pointed to the left. "And my room is through that door." She pointed on the other side of the bed. The threesome crawled over the bed and saw a small door, about the same size as the rest. Rosa took out her own key and opened the door. They crawled out into a pink room. There was a light pink bedspread and a digital piano on the other side of stereo beside the bed. The closet and bathroom doors were on the opposite wall. They sat on Rosa's bed and talked.

"Hey, what kind of music do you guys listen to?" Rosa felt silly asking the question, they were her siblings after all.

"Rock and Punk Rock" Teal said.

"Country and Pop" Lilac told them.

"I listen to anything and everything." Rosa supplied her answer.

"What books do you like to read?" Lilac was the next to ask a question.

"Sci-fi, horror and mysteries" was Teal's answer.

"Romance, Tragedy, and action/adventure" Rosa said.

"Anything, as long as it's not too scary or too mushy."

"Do either of you play sports?"

"Yes." Rosa said. "Softball, Tennis, and Volleyball. I never try out for teams though."

"Not really. I like to swim though." Lilac told them.

"I'm into extreme sports. Like Skateboarding, Biking, that kind of thing."

"I wonder," Rosa said aloud.

"What?" Lilac asked.

"I wonder who was born first."

"That's easy" Teal said.

"Really? Who was born first?" The girls asked.

"Me, of course. I was the first to figure out we were triplets." He said leaning on the piano stool

"That doesn't mean anything." Lilac said. "I was the second to figure it out."

"And I figured it out last, but that doesn't mean I'm the youngest." Rosa said. They all ran out of the room at the same time. They quickly found their parents and all started at once.

"Quiet. We don't understand what you're saying if you're talking at the same time." Their mom said.

"Who was born first?" Rosa asked.

"Teal, then Lilac, and then you, Rosa." Teal smiled with satisfaction that he was the oldest.

"What were we like when we were babies?" Lilac asked.

"Teal was the daredevil, Rosa was the drama queen, and Lilac, you were the quiet one." Aunt Cam walked over to them.

"Who looked the most like who?" Was teal's question.

"Teal looked like your dad, Lilac looked like your mom, and Rosa looked like both of them." She told them. They finished asking their questions and walked to the stairs.

Lilac saw the adults heading toward their parents and stopped. Rosa and Teal followed suit.

"Well, Verdi. Your children seem to be hitting it off." Aunt Betty told her with a rude tome in her voice.


"No Rob. She deserves every bit of this. She's the one to give this family a bad name. It's her fault for people thinking lowly of us. It's because of her getting drunk and sleeping with that sorry excuse of a man!" She screamed.

"There are children around." Uncle Rob tried to defend his sister.

"So! They all know what happened. There's no use in hiding it! Everyone knows what really happened! So why deny it? Why pretend like it never happened?"

"Because doesn't matter anymore!" Everyone turned and looked at Aunt Patty. The normally quiet one of the group.

"It happened that's true. But, it can't be helped." She turned to their mom. "Even though you were younger than me, I always looked up to you. You had so much life and energy running through you. I always thought 'that girl's gonna be something special.' And you are. You made the toughest decision you could ever make. Giving up your children and the love of your life. So they could survive. You knew the damage your family could do. You'd seen it. You chose to give up ten years of your children's lives, so that you could watch them from afar. I didn't understand it then. But it makes perfect sense to me now. As I watched Sam, Grace, and Derek grow-up. I thought 'If I was forced away from them for ten years, what would I do?' I didn't understand it at the time. When I only had two children. They were only nine, and six years old. But when Derek was born, I understood." She held Derek by the shoulders. "Over time, you lose the sensation of having a child. You get use to it. It becomes routine. You find that they aren't as perfect as you thought they were. "But when he was born, I understood. You had three children at the same time. That meant you knew they were perfect. Not perfect in the sense they were never wrong, but perfect in the way all children are. They never try and be like someone else. They know who they are. When you're an adolescent, your innocence melts away. It becomes something that used to be. Something you can't return to. As I saw my children go through that stage, I finally realized what we were doing to our children, by telling them your story. We were helping them grow up faster than they should've. And no matter how much we try and deny it, we weren't as good of parents as we thought we were. You were the best parent of all. You knew your children, and even though you haven't seen them in ten years, you still do." Tears began to fill her eyes. She sat down as her son comforted her. For the first time in ten years, Verdi smiled. A true smile that warmed her children's hearts. She looked up to them and they came rushing down. The family of five enveloped each other in a huge hug.

"Stop with the sappy shit" Billy interrupted. "Aunt Pat, you can't possibly believe this slut was a good mom! Look at Teal here. He's nothing but a mere punk with an attitude and a temper he can't control" He said pointing to Teal.

"Bastard! How dare you call my mother a slut! You don't even deserve to be in the same universe as her!" Teal screamed at the older boy.

"You know he's right. She's a slut and there's nothing else to it!" Sam put in.

"Back off, Sam!" Rosa screamed.

"Isn't that sweet! She's protecting her brother." Pam sneered. Rosa flinched. That's all they needed.

"Look, she's scared of us!" Mary mocked.

"She should be after how Sam got her-" Grace was cut off by Sam.

"Grace!" It was too late. Teal knew what she was going to say.

"What did you do to her?" He said lowly.

"She didn't do anything asshole. Your innocent little sister was the one who started it!" Chris stated.

"Bastard!" Teal attacked Chris.

"Teal! Stop!" Rosa screamed.

"Chris! He ain't worth it!" Casey tried to stop him.

"This bastard deserves everything he's got coming to him!" Chris yelled back.

"Christopher!" Chris flinched.

"Pam! He deserves this beating!" He screamed even though Teal obviously had the upper hand. Teal threw a punch and felt the bone in his cousin's jaw. It didn't break but it definitely bruised. He didn't intend to do bad damage, but he wanted him to have a scar.

"Teal! Is it really worth it?" Lilac asked. He stopped only centimeters from Chris's nose.

"You're right. He isn't worth an ounce." Teal dropped his grip on Chris's shirt and walked off followed by his sisters.

"Teal! You bastard! Get your sorry ass back here!" Chris yelled after him. Teal just flipped him the bird and walked off.

"Wait, Teal! It's time to open presents." Aunt Cam said trying to keep the peace. They walked to where the presents were and sat down.

"Okay, the first presents are from Granny." The triplets started to open the presents. Rosa got a music book, Lilac got a seven hundred page prequel to a book, and Teal got a book on different skateboard designs.

"These are from Aunt Betty, Uncle rob, Billy, Mary, and Casey."

Rosa got a hair clip, Lilac got a scrunchi, and Teal got some pink hair dye.

"These are from Lilac and your father." Rosa loved her stone and Teal loved his wheels.

"These are from Aunt Patty, Uncle Charlie, Sam, Grace and Derek."

Rosa got a 25 dollar gift card to a make-up and jewelry store, Lilac got a 25 dollar gift card to a bookstore and Teal got a 25 dollar gift card to a skateboard shop.

"These are from Teal and your mom." Rosa and Lilac laughed at the pictures in them from over the years. Teal blushed when they saw the picture of him on his sixth birthday. He had cake all over the place and some icing on his forehead and face.

These are from Aunt Natalie, Uncle Pete, Pam, Chris, and Nick." Rosa got some lotion, Lilac got some glasses cleaner, and Teal got some wax for his wheels.

"And the last ones are from Rosa and Me." Lilac had some earrings and Teal got a watch.

"Thank you everyone." The three said even though they only meant to Granny, their parents and Aunt Cam.

About an hour later everyone started to leave. Their aunts, Uncles, and cousins were the first to leave.

"This isn't over Teal." Chris whispered menacingly. Teal just ignored him.

"Bye Rosa. Make sure your brother doesn't touch mine or you and he both will pay the price." Pam said sweetly, even though what she said hadn't been sweet at all.

Lilac watched her new found family go. After her mother had supposedly died, her father lost all communications with them. She almost wished they had kept it that way. Her cousins were mean and didn't care about any of them. They called her parents all the names in the book.' Maybe it'll get better.' Lilac thought. Rosa wasn't so sure. Neither was Teal. 'I'll kill anyone who lays a hand on Rosa or Lilac.' He swore to himself. It was almost eleven and both Lilac and Rosa were tired beyond words. Rosa led Lilac to her room so she wouldn't get lost. Then she went to her room and fell asleep. Teal was used to staying up late so he decided to get on the internet. He surfed for a little while and then sent an e-mail to his friends. It was almost two in the morning so he decided to go to sleep.

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