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Drifting Rose Petal



Chapter 2

'I don't know if I can sit here and not kill this bitch. I wish I could shut that mouth of hers. Permantly. Her voice is like a high-pitched scream. Poor me.' Ashley thought as they sat listening to the principal making a speech of how great they were. All of it was just a job to him.

"Aren't you excited, girls?" Ashley heard from the person who she wanted to kill, Brittany, talk to her friends. Brittany was a 100 percent blonde with a fake body and plus she was the head cheerleader. Basically she was just another Brittany Spears without the last name. She was popular with alot of preppy friends that were cheerleaders that act anf floow Brittany as if she was their master. It was sickening. If they weren't at graduation, Ashley would of jumped her and she was beginning to think about doing it.

'Somebody better restrain me,' she thought dryly.


After Ashley got her high school diploma, she thought of revenge. Since she sat at the end of the aisle next to the walkway to the principle, she thought of a plan. When John comes up, she'll trip him. Simple as that and it was a simple plan of revenge. She was getting revenge because a couple of days before, he had the nerve to dump pink paint on her at lunch. The nerve of some people.

'He probaly doesn't remember the threat I gave him,' she thought as she remembered what happened.


*Ashley's POV*

As I walked into the lunchroom with Lauren and Amanda, I dunno but it didn't seem right. I know there was something wrong especially since all John's friends had smirks on their faces. Creepy. John was nowhere in sight so that should've been a major hint that something was going to happen. I wish my common sense was with me that day but sadly, it wasn't.

I was in a distracted mood that day when I walked in the lunchroom with Lauren and Amanda. Earlier, I had learned becuse of my bad attitude and bad grades, I had one last chance to straighten up for graduation even though it was in a couple of days. Teachers can get on your nerves. I mean, all of my teachers doesn't like me except my P.E. coach. They have guts to say, "you have to do this or that." Damn them all to hell.

Anyway, back to lunch. When I got in line to get my lunch, there was snickers at John's table. Really, they would think to hold their laughs till the prank happens. It could've been a dead giveaway if I hadn't been in a bad mood. John was sitting there with the biggest smirk ever, i'll tell you that. As I went to go grab one of the school trays, something slimy and wet was dumped all over me. Hey, did I mention that I depise the color pink? It's easy to piss me off?

After I looked down at myself and noticed I was a pink person, I was super pissed. Pink! The color I utterly depise. It would have been hilarious if the victim of the prank wasn't me. Guess I don't have much luck. I looked like a pink bunny without the ears!

I walked straight to John's table and I knew from the smug looks on their faces, they were guilty.

"What did you think you was doing when you was planning this, you jackass?!" I shouted as I roughly grabbed him by the collar of his shirt to get him to stand up. I was pissed and embarrassed but I wouldn't show that. Everyone in the cafeteria was watching with interest now.

"Did you finally go crazy?" he replied with a question.

"I don't know what you were thinking, but why did you pick me to paint pink? You could've painted Brad or Chris pink." I said calmly even though I wanted to kill him at the moment. It probaly showed in my eyes because he grinned. I decided to ignore the protests from Brad and Chris at my suggestion.

"Nah. Then it would have been no fun. Plus, you're easy to trick and the look on your face was priceless," he retorted.

"You are such a bastard! How do your parents put up with you? You get dententions all the time, you're suspended all the time, and yet, you don't ever get expelled. You know, I sometimes wonder if you have a relationship with the principal. Maybe that's it. Maybe your fucking gay!" I shouted at him.

It was true. You never see a girl with a John or him in a relationship though he has a lot of girls falling at his feet. Some would wink or flirt and others would touch him up with seductives looks on their faces or hang on his arm. He has flings sometimes, but not everynight like his friends. You sometimes wonder if mybe he was gay. Though the girls that had flings with him before says hes great in bed.

I, myself, was no virgin. I have more flings and one-night stands than I care to admit. The last relationship I had ended pretty bad. I don't trust guys no more, especially since my father taught me what guys are like when they are drunk. Not a pretty image or experience.

I continued, "you go around the whole school with a 'I don't give a fuck' attitude and everyone bows at your feet like your their king. Mybe you are a king. A king of all of the assholes!"

When I finished, I noticed John had anger written all over, his grin gone. His jaw was snapped shut and his fists were clenched. Even then, he was still handsome. When I looked in his eyes, I could see rage. I would've backed down but, damnit, I have my pride, my ego, and my bad ass reputation to uphold.

"I am not fucking gay!" was the first thing John shouted. He continued, "and what about you, huh? You have the same attitude with fucking almosy every gut at Miami High drooling at you." Was that just me or was that jealusy in his voice? "You are just like me. You have a major ego, you have alot of pride, your too stubborn for your own good, and your a bitch." Did he just call himself a bitch? "I'm sick of your attitude. I'll be glad to get out this school!"

"You better watch your back, Roberts. I'll get you back when you lest expect it," I said softly but there was venom and a promise in my voice. I flipped his tray of food on him and walked calmly to the doors and left. There was laughter behind the door so I guess I started a food fight. Oops...not. Now, I had to get pink paint off me.

'I wonder what mom will react when I go through the door looking like a pink bunny,' I thought amused as I went to my car.

**********END FLASHBACK*********

"John Roberts!"

The call of his name snapped Ashley from her thoughts. As John walked up to the principal, she struck out her leg at the very last moment before he got past her. He tripped and fell face first to the ground. The whole class of 2003 was having trouble trouble at hiding their laughs. It wasn't everyday you get to see the "bad boy", known as John, fall down. There was a series of gasps and screams from the crowd in the stands. The screams were probaly from John's family and gasps from the rest of the crowd.

This was probaly the best day of Ashley's life!


John didn't know what hit him. One moment, he was walking to get his high school diploma then the next, he was tasting dirt. He could hear all the gasps, screams, and laughter. It pissed him off that people were laughing at him not with him. He had just spit out the dirt that was in his mouth and stood up, when he wass tripped again except he tripped over himself not Ashley's leg.

He started to get up and when he looked up, he was met with dark blue eyes. They were Ashley's and there was amusement. He suddenly remembered her threat that he forgot...

"You better watch your back, Roberts. I'll get you back when you least expect it."

As her words repeated in his head, he noiticed a couple of things. First, there was triumph in her Ashley's eyes and she had a smug smile. Second, she sat on the end of the aisle next to the walkway where he was tripped. Last, he noticed that he was still on his knees. As he stood up the rest of the way, his name was called again. John went up and got his diploma then started to his seat.

"I know you did that," he said to Ashley as he passed.

"Guilty as charged," she retorted with a smirk. H wished he could of slapped that smirk off her face.

After he sat back down, he glared at the back of her head. If looks could kill, she would of been long gone. He was thinking of ways to get her back when one of his worst enemies, Eric, interrupted his train of thoughts.

"Nice fall, Roberts. Did you lose any teeth while you was down there? Did you like the taste of dirt?" Eric sneered. Eric Robinson was the captain of the football team and good at almost every sport, in other words, a jock which is also why hes a snob. He didn't like John because he had slept with Eric's sister as a one-night stand even though his sister was okay with it. Pretty stupid if you ask John.

"No, I didn't. But, wait," John gasped dramatically (was that spelled right?), "is that teeth missing I see in your mouth? Maybe being a football captain and a stuck up jock has finally caught up with you. And if you don't want to lose any teeth, then shut the fuck up or I will make sure you have to have fake teeth." John said coldly.

Eric just humphed, (is that right?) crossed his arms, and turned to talk to his other jock friends. John's blue eyes narrowed as he watched Ashley continue to act like she didn't do anything.

'My life sucks,' he thought.


Meanwhile, Ashley was having a serious problem and was trying to fight a huge urge. The barbie wannabe was trying to scold Ashley for behavior. Key word:TRYING.

'Wonder how she caught me,' she thought to herself.

The urge was, of course, trying not to kill her with her bare hands.

"If you don't shut up, i'm going to go crazy if I haven't already yet. And how do you if I did or didn't do that to Roberts?" Ashley interrupted Brittany, her voice ice cold and her eyes narrowed angrily.

"Oh, youndon't have to get all prissy with me. I'm saying you need to stop trying to get John. Anybody with a brain with a brain could've see that you was flirting with him by tripping him. Really immature. You should you clean up your attitude," she replied snobbishly then, promptly turned around to her friends.

What she didn't see was the gum put in her chair by an a angry Ashley. She smirked and turned around to act innocent, like not ever putting gum in barbie's chair.

When they stood up to go, Ashley smirked again when she heard Brittany scream and couldn't get up with gum on her graduation gown. She continued to where her family was was waiting when suddenly, Matt pointed behind her with wide eyes. Ashley turned around just as a fist came flying at her. She ducked and came face to face with a furious Brittany. She was angry that she had the guts to swing at her, but she smirked at Brittany.

'Oh, no! A mad cheerleader. What should we do?' she thought sarcastically.

"You bitch! You just humiliated me in front of the whole class of 2003 at Miami High!" Brittany screamed. By now, everyone was just staring and Ashley's sister was smirking proudly. Okay, before she was just angry and now she was pissed. Anybody who calls her a bitch usually didn't go away without a black eye.

"You fucking slut! How dare you to come and accuse me of something you don't even if I did?" Ashley continued without letting her answer. "Fuck you, you little bitch. I did put gum in your seat," gasps of surpises there and snorts of laughter, "but what are you gonna do about it?!" she asked coldly.

Brittany answered the question by throwing a punch towards Ashley but she missed. Ashley punched her and repeated it while tackling her and sitting on top of her punching away. She was still hitting her when some of the coaches seperated them from each other. After they stopped struggling, the coaches loosened their grip but didn't let go of them.

"Bitch!" Brittany screamed.

Ashley got pissed right away and took the chance of the coaches loosened grasp and jumped at Brittany. She got one good punch before she was pulled back by the coaches. While the coaches dragged them in different directions, the students were either happy or shocked. Happy because almost everyone was waiting for someone to beat the shit out of Brittany and shocked because it was Ashley who did it and it was graduation. Ashley wasn't the type of girl to beat up a cheerleader, but then again, that was the head cheerleader.

"That was my sister! She kicks ass!" Matt shouted, breaking the silence and earning a slap on the back of his head by his mother.


In the end, Ashley only had a busted lip that had a little blood rolling down her chin. On the other hand, Brittany was a mess. She had a black eye, a broken nose, and to top it all off, a broken jaw from the last punch Ashley got in. They had to take her to the emergency room to make sure nothing else was okay and to get painkillers. Luckily, nothing could be done concerning the law since Brittany came and started the fight or in other words, her own beating.

While in the car, Matt got a hug from Ashley. She never thought the little twirp could of saved her from a punch. She didn't want to have a black eye on the first day of summer so she was thankful.

"Thank you, you little twirp." Ashley said with his nickname and ruffled his hair.

"Leave the hair alone," he whined, " and it was no problem. What kind of brother would i be if I you get hit from a barbie?" He stuck at out his chest and everybody laughed at that coment and little teasing action.

When she got home, Ashley changed into a white tank top and black jogging pants. She went to bed that night with a smug smile thinking of how she had beat the barbie.

Well actually she slept til she was woken up at midnight by pebbles hitting her window.


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