Isolde's Seven

Breaking metaphysical rules and laws

Seven lucky numbers all in a row

Rain reigned while the Sun fell into a doze

Seven lucky years has Summer since froze

Twilight been embraced and morning been mauled

Seven sins have I committed in all

Shedding unworn dreams, playing broken role

Seven Swords have I plunged into my soul

Pretending to think the seas are calmer

Seven seas have flowed into dead pastures

Living lies and priding borrowed armour

Seven heavens laughing at false ventures

Fighting and suffering a silent quest

Seven ages have I loved him in unrest

Futile sparks smouldered beneath the tempest

Seven storms raged through unheeding forests

In the woods trees whisper to each other:

"Seven paths are unexplored yet further."

While destinies conspire together

Seven doors will remain closed forever

Enveloped by a desire to deny

Seven nights shall I lie and wonder why

Knowing all along that clipped birds can't fly

Seven songs sung under a starless sky

Seeing all the trouble I have put you through

Seven blows shall I give myself anew

Seeing my petty woes comparatively few

Seven times shall I force myself to:

Stifle the music and throttle life

Blindfold them and throttle your eyes

Study the science and throttle your mind

Let go of passion and throttle the fire

Shake up the chanting and throttle the rhyme

Stop what you're writing and look at the time


Switch off the mirror

And look at the light