What happened in Vale Of Truth.

Fifteen years ago, when she was three, Charisma's Paisley's real parents died in a terrible car accident in the Rocky Mountains.

Adopted from that incident her new foster parents under the names Maxwell and Wendy Paisley nurtured Charisma and brought the unfortunate child as their own.

But nine years later when Charisma turned seventeen the protective shell that she had been in since early childhood shattered and when the real world finally came back up to greet her, it came with a bang.

Her foster parents after nineteen years of happy marriage split up and Charisma found it hard to understand why her mother had left her. Charisma soon found out the truth. Her trusted mother had an affair with her father's male secretary. With the company in ruins after the collapsed relationship of her parents, Maxwell and Charisma found themselves travelling to Boston in search for a better and more prosperous life.

If the new colder climate wasn't enough to cope with, Charisma found herself suffering in so many different ways.

A fight on her first day at school with the love mes didn't go to well for the girl. In PE the next day Brooke Saunders and her associates made sure the girl would pay and they did this by tampering with her cheerleading pompoms. Acquitted from PE classes for her dismal attendance Charisma took up Chemistry instead and made a friend so incredible the two became instantaneously attached at the waist.

Hariot Ferndale, the least popular school in school and possibly Boston made her friendship with Charisma by luck. The head teacher had placed the pair together and had wanted Charisma to see a star student to take her around school. The influence at the start worked.

Hard working Charisma soon found herself living the dream in the small suburban town of Vale. Commuting everyday Max on his way to work would drop her of at school and she would immediately meet up with rich girl Hariot.

And at weekend meet up with the cute guy she had met shopping two weeks earlier. But no-body had to know about that.

Six weeks later, however the dream turned to a nightmare.

Charisma received a letter through the post and was surprised to see that it was from Boston Library. Apparently a book had recently came into their possession. When Charisma went to look at the book she was shocked to find out that it had her real , dead, mother's name in. More curiously than that as she turned the next page her name appeared in black and white. Charisma decided enough was enough and stole the sixteenth century book from the library and took it home.

After reading for some considerable time Charisma realised that her real ancestral roots linked in with the Salem witch trials of Boston and every mother had been a successive witch. Frightened at the possibility of the power she contained Charisma forgot about the whole six weeks at least.

On the twenty ninth of October 2002 Hariot Ferndale, Charisma's best friend expressed her feelings to her and announced to her in secret that she loved David Furs. This happened to be Charisma's secret boyfriend.

At school the next day David explained to Hariot that he had never loved her and that he loved Charisma. Appalled at his blatancy Charisma stormed out of the kitchen but not after a fight with Brooke Saunders, the girl's long lost arch nemesis. A violent scene unfolded and Charisma attacked Brooke but with not one regret.

Finally on Halloween 2002 Eugene, Hariot Ferndale's strong grandmother revealed her family secret to her. And that was that the girl's mother's were witch hunters. Hariot was shocked to learn her great great-great uncle had been one of the leading judges in the Salem Witch Trials. Eugene then explained that the girl's best friend was indeed a witch and she needed stopping. Eugene explained that what she had done was murder the girls' mother but she hadn't realised she was pregnant and that's where her flaw had been. At 17 Charisma Paisley could be the end to the long line of bloody murderers.

Already fuelled with jealous feelings for David Furs and now fuelled with what she thought was honesty and enlightenment Hariot Ferndale set off to end the chain.

Finishing David Furs, Hariot Ferndale turned to what her grandmother had told her to.

She set of to destroy Charisma Paisley.