A/N: If anyone here has ever seen the flash animation, Don't Touch Me (feat. Adam San-ok I'll shut up-heres some moah of Ye Olde Flapjack Chronicles)

Once Upon a Time there was a Flapjack Man-and so we return to Just a Little Titch Over, and to our hero, Ronald Kingsley Donald Daffodilius Farkrupple (the third) the one and only FLAPJACK MAN!
Years after an unfortunate incident involving a lot of bugs, Ronald was once again on the go, "spreading the wealth" (of annoyance) throughout the land in the most sought after role of Kingdom Crier.
"Nanananananahhh, Can't catch me I'm FLAPJACK MAN!" Dashing through the woods, he easily dodged stray branches, beetles, rocks, and the occasional head of lettuce chucked at him by an annoyed forest-dweller.
"Can't catch me!" he bawled, dodging a tomato, "Can't catch me!"
"Bah, shaddup, you," wheezed an old hermit, pegging Flapjack Man hard on the arse with a bit of toadstool, "Can't you give a man some piece?" Ronald turned, a crooked smile on his face to survey the man. He was clad only in rags and a strategically placed leaf.
"Actually," he said with mock thoughtfulness, "You know, I've been thinkin about that. And well, how about, NOT."
"You be the shame of this Kingdom! Begone with ya!" yelled the hermit furiously, waving his mushroom trug all around for emphasis. "You and yo' Over GrOWN FlapJACK head you little desPICaBle NUISANCE! CLEAR OFF!" He stood breathing heavily, looking through the trees for Ronald, who'd seemingly went and gone without a trace. As the last echoes of his admirable bellow rang into the lingering silence, a bird chirped.
An ant crawled along in an old tree stump.
A mushroom basket hit a certain hermit hard on the arse with an audible i thwack. /i
More silence.
(The guy in the back flipped the godda sign back to:
Y) And then-
"Can't catch me!" Ronald leaped mightily from behind a bush, to soar stupendously through the air and land in front of the man. "CAN'T CATCH ME!"
The hermit grimaced slightly and reached up a hand to wipe the excess spittle on his face-"CAN'T CATCH ME!" screamed Flapjack Man, jumping away with a crazed look on his face. "CAN'T CATCH ME! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! NEVER YE FOOLS, NEVERRRRRRRR!"
And with that, he ran smack into a tree.

.Here ends ze second installment of ze Fuhlap Jack Kronikulls