Oh, it didn't work. Wait… No. I just happened to wake up at that moment.


I'm tired of this cliché bullshit. I'm trying to write something original right now. As you can probably tell, it isn't working. It isn't working because I failed something the other day. I failed so bad my mind is stopping me from writing anything I like. I hate it all. All all/ asaaalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllisblurrednow. Stop.

"You call this free from (form) life? I lie here like the bullshit underyourfeet and try and chew as much sand as I can. It's disgusting, morbid.
Maybeyoushouldstopinsultingme beforeitgetssadandugly. Evenjesu Creed/FREAKS, he hates fre - aks - edom. Weall Kn ow… Now.
There's something Id like to say to you (to yourself) - Twitched. Twitched uncontrollably - I hate you. Do you understand how much pain you bring? Do you understand how much pain you bring? Did we just repeat? – Repeat? (Negative)

As I was sayingsinging in your ear. What the fuck!
What's going on?
I can tell what you're trying to do. Trying to do is fuck me you up. Fuck with my head. Fuck with my (fucker) fucking head.
Ayawny back to the pnoit; I remember suckin' in some sand. Don't you? Wont you? Help me deal with the voices head in my… head… in my… head. Correct!

DING DING! Bells in my ears, I remember a song about a morning bell.
Somewhere in the distance, tolls the morning bell, tools the morbid well…
nonono that didn't mean what I wanted you to think I meant. I've lost the train (in my backyard is what I thought) but it's gone.

By now you must be bored, red. Thankyou for lesitinng to erevy lsat ltteer in my haed. Take a bow now, it doesn't fit inside. Stuck. Leave everything you know behind, you aren't invited. Leave everyone you love behind, it's for your own good.

Take a bow now… . Stop.