Burning flames enter my brain- burning cold the tendrils lick away- scraping at my soul until there is except darkness. All that started there

Had died. All that lived came from death. Circled upon nothingness our lives unbounded, unhindered by complex thought. Simple creatures, life. Stop all the

Nonsense. If you can kill them fast enough, the world may just survive. Does it matter anyway? The ones who suffer have not endured all they can so why

Save them? Because of time. Time is of the essence the saying goes. Stupid angsty human teens. Ripping with tiny teeth at the morality of their superiors.

Their gods who treated them better than the wastes of human feces they are. Pathetic wasting time of all things on us. Time is not real. It simply does not

Exist. A figment of the imagination convoluted into it's out of control and sanity until crashing roughly in a sea of molten urine to the bottom of

Reality. Only to work its way back up, pulling it's ragged bleeding broken body up the pristine gates to beg for forgiveness. That's been said before also.

Once it reaches the higher beings that are us, they clasp on with their razor-sharp, blood-sucking teeth and leach all sense of individuality out of the clones that

Are us. Irony stings a bit when taken out of the leg. Enough about me as a higher power. On to me devouring you, the lower beings in my life. The ones who

Wait so casually underfoot, hesitant, cowards. Afraid to be stepped on like the cowerdous monkey-bleeders you are. But you shall save me all the same.

Though you are small and insignificant, you will be the power I use to mold the world into perfection. No more disillusions, no more little games. Everything

Shall be perfectly clear.I really am curious if we are ants living in some who's eyes. It a giant being could be what we inhabit. A falsely civilized colony of

Bacteria living on a giant's eyeball. Or maybe in his/her liver-like organ, who knows? Like the space aliens we have so "cleverly" created, we are of lower

Intelligence. As compared to what I am not . I shall discover the motive soon enough. And when I do so, I shall also discover the motives behind

Those insane people who think they can build a house out of cheese! Cheese for Spruce's sake! It isn't logical. . I wonder if reincarnation is

Real. If it is, I'm in trouble.I don't want to be a beetle. I know I'm not going to be. There is no life after death. It just wouldn't make sense. No. When we

Die, we give life. Life gives death. This ties into the never-ending circle of time. Loops upon loops. This is what I believe. I also believe that people should

Have the right and will to speak, unhindered, what is in their minds and hearts. It is not always easy however, seeing as people actually do care what others

Think. Sad as it is, the humans care. They really do.