By: Animegurl
Look at the times we had,
Many good, but most bad.
It went by faster than you'd expect,
All these memories that I collect.
Every memory tells a story,
All the "Thank You's" and the "Sorry's"
We took it all for granted.
Our feet seemed always planted.
We seemed like trees young and small,
Learning and growing so we would be tall.
We weren't trees all our lives,
Nor buzzing bees in busy hives,
But Caterpillars, growing round,
With all information that we found.
Now we are butterflies, high in the sky.
Spreading our wings so we may fly.
Each stage has a name.
None of which are the same.
Children, we are simple eggs,
Not ready to stretch our little legs.
Teens, caterpillars, just hatched,
Not needing, our eggs, to patch.
Adult, butterflies, stretching our wings,
Happiness to the world we bring.
We will fly now, and be free.
The Future, when it comes, we will see.
We will meet again when our paths cross,
Or maybe not, we're not the boss.
But don't tell me "Good-bye"
Because that's forever you see.
We'll see each other, you and me.
A simple "bye" will do me fine.
In the never-ending fog of time.
Remember this my dear, dear friends,
This story never ends.
We all have many ties,
Remember, we are butterflies.