President Bush - Reelection

A static screen and static sounds.

We bring you new news today on President Bush and his activities after his reelection in his limousine. We were unable to get a picture of the following, but we were able to receive full audio of the activities inside the limousine because of the sacrifices six rats, two dogs, a cat, a ferret, a cockroach, and a llama all made.

The screen flickers and a picture of a city street appears. A few rows of motorcycle cops fly by followed by the black limousine of the President of the United States and more rows of motorcycles. The screen zooms in and follows the limousine as it moves along.

Poor Kerry, Kerry, Kerry...
How bloodily the sun begins to peer
Above yon busky hill! the day looks pale
At his distemperature.

The southern wind Doth play the trumpet to his purposes,
And by his hollow whistling in the leaves
Foretells a tempest and a blustering day.

Then with the losers let it sympathize,
For nothing can seem foul to those that win.

The limousine begins to bounce up and down.

Nothing at all!

Loud, maniacal laughter cackles. Another laugh joins and the two cackle. Shortly, the first one stops and the other continues.

Driver. Driver!

The laughter stops.

Yes, sir?

Only I am supposed to laugh. Do your job and just drive.

LIMO DRIVER (muttering):
But I thought it was funny.

The screen zooms out and looks at the city skyline.

President Bush and his morbid sense of Shakespearean humor leave us mystified about Bush's attitude towards his former-competitor, Kerry. It also leaves us wondering what he is planning for the US.

The screen turns to static and blacks out.