"The End of Our Story"
Michelle Wong

We are two different people
Trying to live in the same world
Trying to make it through day by day
But it has got to end

I can't keep pretending
That everything is fine
We have different perspectives
Totally different mindsets
You see things one way
And I, another
My conscience is telling me it's wrong
When I do something innocent

I can't help how I feel
I'm still in love with you
There's not an hour of day
That I don't think of us

Let's just take the backseat
And see how this story will end
We'll be fine, you'll see
Right now's just not our time
And when I'm ready
You'll be the first to know
And we'll walk this road once again
Without turning back

Now do me a favor
And live life to the fullest
I want to see you happy
And I know you can be without me