Long, long ago, when the planet Farquai was still young, humans and magical creatures fought. They battled for supremacy of the planet and all who inhabited it. The humans were new to this place, but were more advanced then the Farquain's, but the Farquain's had magic and their gods on their side. Even so, the war weighed on for then 5 decades before the humans were banished to the island Iconyan, their technology destroyed. And people forgot. They forgot about the war, the knowledge they depended on, for a more ancient way of life. The magical creatures grew more powerful and soon, they rediscovered the humans. They began to capture and enslave them, using them in coal minds. But the human body could not take the vigorous work, and they began to dwindle out. Soon, the slave hunters had to go into the deepest, darkest, wildest part of the Island Iconyan to fid any at all.

The elders of each main colony, The Dragons, The Elves, The Underground, The Water Beings, and The Unicorns made a worldwide law, limiting the use of the humans. A breeding program was put into place, and the Slave Hunters had to have a special permit to hunt humans. A limit as to how many could be taken each year was set into place. Soon, the humans began to come back from near extinction.

Now, a millennium later, the humans are pets. They are caretakers, scouts, and servants. The military requires one human per soldier, two for the higher ranks. Hunting for humans still takes place, but now, humans themselves do it. These are 'free' humans; ones who don't have masters, yet still are part of the society.

But a new threat appears in the peaceful scene of the continent of Isaklo; war is about to break out between the Dragon Clan and the Underground over land. And a young dragon is about to find himself stuck right in the midst of it all, with only his estrange human as companionship.

Hello, hello! It is I, Mistress DragonFlame! This is not my first work, that being 'Dragon home' which is in bits and pieces right now. Anyway, I was reading a story 'A Sword For A Dragon' and I at first thought it was about the dragon, sadly it wasn't. So, I made one myself. I already know how it ends, the middle, the plot, the love interest, the bad guys ext. All I have to do is make it work.

This is more of a. summary for myself then a prologue, and I need a name for the story! Could someone make a suggestion? I don't know if people would like my idea. So, could you please help? Tell me what you think!

Bye bye, Mistress DragonFlame