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"What do you mean the inn's full up?" she crossed her arms, anger slipping into her voice.

"Just wot I said ma'm. Rooms are all filled up wot with the festivals been going on rough her." The old innkeeper nodded, "It's the birthing of the year after all."

"I don't care what holiday it is. I just need a room."

"Lookie her, missy, I don't have no rooms free." The man adjusted his spectacles.

Scarlett fumed silently, keeping her mouth firmly shut as she realized just how spoiled she was, so use to demanding a room, flashing a fancy title and getting whatever she wanted. 'Guess that'll never happen again…' she thought with a faint sigh.

"You can room with me, miss," came a soft voice.

Scarlett slowly turned to find a tall, thin woman in a pale blue dress standing behind her. A cream colored cloak hid her face, as she spoke again, "If you'd like…I have a double, and no need for two beds."

"I will pay my own." Scarlett stated firmly.

"If you want to." The woman said, "Is that okay, Mister Jes?"

The innkeeper nodded, "Only for you, sweetie." He chuckled as he changed his records book, and took Scarlett's money, "Sleep good girls." He called as they began down the hallway.

The room was comfortable enough, Scarlett decided as the woman unlocked the door, and led her inside, "Oh, my name's Yugi by the way." She chirped as she took off her cloak.

"…Scarlett…" she quietly introduced herself, wishing for a brief moment she could sink into the bed and disappear. Everything about Yugi made her feel like the ugly dragon in the house of unicorns. The way her long sunshine blonde hair cascaded down her back in perfect smooth waves, the way her royal blue eyes matched her dress perfectly. But then again the fact that she was Elvin ensured the fact that she would be beautiful with the sharp face, though Yugi's, Scarlett noted begrudgingly, had softer angles then most elves.

"I'm so glad I found a room mate, it's lonely here by myself. How long are you in town?" she asked, taking a brush to her silky hair.

"Just for the night." Scarlett forced herself to stand and look out the window at the town; the streets were lively, filled with song, dancing and laughter, none of it seemed to reach Scarlett who watched with a vague detachment.

"Really? Me too!" Scarlett could hear the smile in Yugi's voice, "Where are you heading?"

"…." Scarlett hesitated, "Home."

"To celebrate the holiday with your family, huh? Must be nice."

Scarlett turned and glanced at the elf, certain she had a sad note in the question, "No." she finally answered, turning back to the window.


"I have no family."

"Oh…I'm sorry to hear that Scarlett…"

She seemed honestly sorry, which for a reason Scarlett couldn't quite say touched her. "Where are you heading Yugi?"

"I dunno… Just wandering."

"You have nowhere to go?"

She shook her head; a small, slightly melancholic smile on her lips, "Elves don't have homes anymore."

"Because of the demons." Scarlett muttered, half to herself, and half to Yugi. It hadn't registered that the beautiful creature she was rooming with could be the same as the other elves, whose homes had been destroyed during centuries of battles, "I'm sorry."

"It's in the past." She shrug, as though brushing the fact off her shoulder, "Sides, I don't mind. This way I can explore. Hey Scarlett, could I go with you?"

"Pardon?" the change in mood catching her almost as off-guard as the question itself.

"Travel with you? We both could use the company." She nodded.

"…No, I prefer traveling alone."

"Oh, Scarlett, don't lie like that. If you wanted to be alone you wouldn't have roomed with me." Yugi nodded, "Please?"

Scarlett stared for a moment. How could someone so childish be an elf, some of the oldest, and wisest creatures in the land? It made no sense.

"I'm sorry Yugi, but the answer is no."

There was a brief argument, before Yugi gave up, and settled into a bed with pouty huff.

Scarlett remained sitting on the windowsill, watching as the festival came to an end. It was shortly before dawn when she saw him, staring up at her. His face was calm, a small weary smile on his lips, he was probably in his mid-to-early twenties, Scarlett guessed but his pale blue eyes showed an age much older. His smile waned lightly as their eyes met, and Scarlett quickly stood up, and began gathering her things.

While Yugi was still snoring in bed, she left, avoided the street where the strange blue-eyed man had been and made it to her old home of Jerico shortly before sunset.

The buildings had never been repaired after the fire; everything still lay in ruins, ash, bones, charred wood, weapons, half-eaten dinners, and the ruined palace. She kept a nervous hand on the hilt of the sword Zvian had given her as she made her to the palace, nearly being crushed by a wooden beam falling, "…that was a bit too close…" she mumbled, standing up, and brushing herself.

"I'll say!" came a voice, and Scarlett groaned as the perky elf leapt over the newly fallen beam, "This place is old and falling to pieces, why are we here?"

"I'm here because I want to be. You on the other hand are a stalker."

"Am not, I'm just your friend."


"You heard me, Miss Scarlett." She giggled, "We are friends."

"…Because we shared a room?"

"No silly! We're just going to be friends Scarlett, you just wait and see, I can tell. I know. I'm suppose to be with you." She nodded, "Suppose to be here, now, with you, Scarlett."

"You're crazy."

"Maybe, but come on, let's explore."

Scarlett sighed, shaking her head, continuing walking as she reached the throne room where two skeletons laid strewn out like beggars across the thrones. Scarlett clenched her fists, feeling her breath freeze in her throat, and for a moment, everything was frozen; time, space, the air, the land, the sea, and her heart, all frozen in the instant.

"…Scarlett?" Yugi's hand on her shoulder shattered the ice, "…You're shaking. Are you okay?"

"I'm fine." She pushed away from the elf, "Just leave me alone."

Yugi frowned, "…Scarlett, why are we here?" she asked again, a plea in her voice.

"Because I have to know."

"…Know what?"

"…Who did this to them. To me…To Jerico."

"You lived here?"

She nodded, keeping her gaze away from the thrones, she motioned haphazardly to the skeletons, "Those are…were…my parents."

"I'm so sorry Scar…"

"Doesn't matter. It's the past, right?" she smiled bitterly.

"It matters to you." Yugi nodded, "And that makes it important."

"Whatever." She shrugged indifferently, wrapping her arms around her torso in a small protective hug, "Doesn't matter anyways…they're dead."

"…Scarlett…." Yugi attempted to touch her shoulder again, but was brushed away again.

"There's no point being here…let's get going Yugi…" Scarlett said quietly, turning and walking from the thrones, back to the outside.

Yugi sighed and shut her eyes, before following after Scarlett. It took only a few steps before Yugi realized something was seriously wrong; catching a glimpse of a shadowy figure dragging an unconscious Scarlett away, she open her mouth to yell for help, when a hand clamped firmly over it, and a voice whispered, "Hello Yugi my dear…" before everything went black.