A/N:: Well, I wrote this poem long before my poetry-writing hiatus, and so
when I found it, I thought, wth, might as well post it rather than let it
go to waste.

Confession time: This piece is dedicated to my 3-year crush who's probably
in LA by now. In this case, you might wonder about the first line; Why does
it say FOUR years? Well, truth is this poem is dedicated to a second person
who's meaning to me never really made sense until the day he finally left.
I just thought my story was worth sharing.

The Saddest Thing

Been four years since I met you
Can't believe it's been so long
But even after all that,
Still think this love is strong

I took those days for granted
I thought there'd be no end
And now I'm devastated
This heart, I have to mend

Remember all those fun days
All the laughter and the smiles
Seeing you made me happy
As if I could run for miles

A crush, what a stupid thing
I've been so damn naïve
Never actually said "it"
And now you're about to leave

If I had never liked you
I wouldn't be sad now
My feelings, should've said them
But the question is just "how?"

I thought I had all the time
To wait for the right moment
But soon you're going elsewhere
Can't do much but to lament

Fate just had to be so cruel
To cause us to part ways
I'm sure I'll miss you so much
I'll think of you for days

I'm gathering my courage
And I'm trying not to cry
From my lips, sad words will flow
It's time to say "Goodbye".

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