A/N:: My latest poem, if I'm not mistaken. There's yet another reason
behind this. A certain guy broke my heart last summer, and when I wrote
this, I was in the process of letting go. It's hard; lemme tell you that
from experience. But most of the time, we're better off by moving on and
thinking of everything as a memory. Better yet, a lesson.

Memories of my heart

My love, my man, my prince
Such names I can't call you
You will never be mine
No matter what I do

Claimed my heart just like that
Stole it as if it's yours
You made me fall in love
No ways were that of force

I miss the time we'd talk;
You'd smile if I passed by,
Call me for no reason
But simply to say "hi"

You cared for me so much
That's what you used to say
Just by list'ning to you
You'd brighten up my day

Now such things don't happen
'Cause everything has changed
Was I even thinking?
Or was I THAT deranged.?

I can no longer lie
My feelings were too real
Someday though, I'm hoping
My broken heart will heal

R&R! That's all I can say right now. Maybe even give helpful hints on how
to forget about something. Or in this case, someONE. Thanks in advance!ΓΌ