Ch 1 Of Make-up and Camp

Title: Camp Surprises

Author: GreekGoddess

Posted: Aug 31 2004

A/N: Sry about being such a perfectionist but I had to redo this chappy. I'll try to leave it the way it is now. So here's the new version. This is the first story I've done, so please no flames. I'd love constructive criticism tho! Hope ya like it!

Gina was jolted awake by the bus going over a bump. She raised her head and looked outside. The green oaks and maples left dappled sunlight on the dirt road. The bus turned a sharp corner and then she saw the camp, the lake over a little hill and a big building that she guessed to be the mess hall. The bus jerked to a stop. 'This bus driver is homicidal,' Gina thought, not really annoyed though, she was so excited to be sat camp with her best friend.
She jumped off and looked around. There were 2 big tents and a bathroom next to each. In the space between the tents was a fire pit and a flagpole. There were two paths: one to the mess hall and one to the lake, she guessed.
"Come on, Gina," called her friend, Liz. Liz had brown hair (newly permed), was wearing a short black skirt, and a black tank top that read "I love surfer boys". She had been going to this camp for 3 years and this year she had invited Gina to come along. "The girls tent is over here." Liz led her over to the tent on the left.
"Let's take the beds over by the door." Gina suggested.
"Ok," Liz replied. "Then we can sneak out more easily." She giggled.

"Yeah. And go over to the boy's tent and play strip poker." Gina replied sarcastically.
"Exactly. That's a great idea!" Liz enthused, obviously missing her sarcasm. "We should set something up for tonight. The guys here are great. I bet we could even find someone who could live up to your high standards."

"No way! Guys like that don't exist. Well, not straight ones." Gina answered, shaking her red hair, amused. She had never had any interest in establishing a love life. Guys are okay when it comes to being friends, sometimes, but if you let yourself get too involved you will just get your heart broken. Liz knew her friend's views on guys, but never gave up.
Her friend laughed "I bet you will be begging me for my help when you meet the guys. They are amazing!"
Gina just smiled and turned towards the petite brunette with a friendly smile came over to them. "I'm your counselor, Lexie. I'm going to go over a few basic rules at Camp Turtle Lake first then you can do whatever you want. You are not allowed to go into the boys tent and they are not allowed into this tent. No exceptions." A few girls behind Gina giggled. She ignored them and went on. "Reveille is at 7:00. That's when you wake up. Flag raising is at 7:30, breakfast is at 7:40, lunch is at 12:30, and dinner is at 6:00. Curfew is 10:00 pm. You must be in bed and quiet by then. That's about it. Now you can unpack. Lunch is in half an hour. See ya at the mess hall." Lexie turned and walked out of the tent.
Gina unpacked her bag, and organized her things on her shelf. When she had finished, she looked over to Liz's shelf and laughed out loud. "Did you bring the whole 'cosmetics aisle'?" That's what she called Liz's room.
"Not quite. I had to leave some of it at home. But you know I can't live with out my make up." She pretended to pout then turned around and picked up a pocket mirror. She reapplied her lip-gloss and said, "Okay. Let's go. Oh, won't you let my put just a little mascara on you before we go, please."
Gina rolled her eyes and started walking towards the path.
"You are hopeless, you know?" Liz called as she ran after her.

The mess hall was a large room in log cabin style. There was a buffet table that stretched over one side of the room and 5 round tables that covered the rest of the wooden floor. The room was noisy, but in a friendly sort of way. All the tables were full except for 2 seats at a table next to some, Gina had to admit, really hot guys. Liz noticed her gaze and whispered in her ear, "I told you they were great." The red-head snorted and walked towards the free chairs.
Liz nudged her towards a chair next to a boy with naturally streaked blond hair that was down past his ears. He looked about 16 or 17. He was wearing a white muscle shirt, blue swimming trunks, and flip-flops. It looked as if he spent a lot of time outside. The most stunning thing were his beautiful deep blue eyes. 'He does has nice eyes' Gina thought dreamily. 'Wait did I just think that? Gina, you are not trying to find a boyfriend! Just ignore him.' She lectured herself.
He looked up, "Hey. I'm Sean."
"I'm Gina." She replied, forcing herself to not look into his eyes, as she picked up her fork. This guy was making her annoyed. 'Why does he have to have such nice eyes anyway? He has no right! He's probably just trying to hit on me. Well, I won't fall for it!'
"How long are you her for?" He said amiably.
She tried to ignore him but didn't want to make enemies so she said reluctantly, "I'm staying for the whole summer ." She looked over at her friend who was already engrossed in flirting with a brown-haired boy, about 16. She mentally rolled her eyes.
"Me too." He pulled me out of my thoughts. "I've been coming here for 3 years. I don't think I've seen you before. Is this your first year?"
"Yeah. Usually I stay with my parents at our cabin in Michigan the whole summer but this year I decided to come to camp." She answered begrudgingly.
"I go camping in Michigan a lot." He replied with interest. "I live near Milwaukee, WI so I go swimming in the Lake Michigan a lot. Do you like to swim?"
"I love swimming." She replied with a smile. Her eyes lit up with new enthusiasm. Swimming was one of her favorite things. "I'm on the swim team at my high school. Do you swim on a team?" 'Maybe I misjudged this guy.' Gina thought.
"Yeah. I placed 1st at all-city." He said with no pride or condescension. She didn't doubt his truthfulness. He looked really fit. They talked about swimming and camp for a while. When they settled into a friendly silence she looked around to find Liz. She couldn't see her. 'She's probably with that brown-haired boy.'
Gina turned to Sean as they walked out of the mess hall together, "Do you want to go back to the tents? Maybe we could go swimming?"
He smiled with a playful look in his eye. "Yeah. I'll race you there." She gave him a devilish look and started sprinting towards the path. "Hey. No fair. I didn't say 'go'!" He laughed as he ran after her.