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The suspense is over. Here is Chapter Nine!

Ch 9 Of Thoughts and Hesitations

The bell rang as Gina and Liz were walking from the path from the lake. "It must be capture the Flag soon!" Gina exclaimed, barely restraining herself from squealing.

"What do you think Sean meant by 'a fun way to play it.'?" Liz asked.

"You were listening?" Gina accused.

"Of course. Well you were right in front of us."

Gina answered only with a grunt, then came up with a bombshell of her own, "Well what's going on with you and Jack? Where were you two during lunch?"

Liz mumbled, "Ummm... Well we were back at the tents..." She was turning a little pink.

Gina laughed. Then Liz grinned and started laughing too. "We are so bad aren't we?" Gina smiled. "Yeah but in a good way." Then they started laughing again.

When they reached the flagpole they learned that it was only the bell to signal the little kids at the camp next to theirs that it was naptime.

"I think I might take naptime." Gina proposed.

"By yourself or...?" Liz teased.

Gina blushed a deep red and protested a little too forcefully, "By myself!"

Liz didn't seen to notice her discomfort, "Okay okay. I was only asking. You and Sean do seem to be getting a little friendly."

"Yes! We're only friends!" She said loudly and repeated, half to herself, "only friends."

"Okay, okay. But I think you do need to go lie down." Liz walked away, presumably to find Jack, Gina thought sourly, a frown forming on her face.

Why had Liz's teasing about Sean had such an impact? Well she and Sean were more than friends now, there was no denying it and she liked being around him. Why this sudden hesitation and angst? This was a camp romance. A camp romance?! How more cliché can that get? It can't last and I'll just get hurt. Is there any point? Am I even ready for this?

Thoughts like these ran through her head. Even yesterday she had been scornful of relationships, now...? She didn't know what to think. She liked being with Sean. Maybe that was all that mattered. She rolled over on her cot and picked up a Seventeen.