Chapter One

Flopping onto her four-poster, black and white polka dot infested canopy bed, Delia Bloom sighed and reached onto her nightstand for a pink rubber band to tie back her hair. She glanced in the mirror when she had finished. A messy bun would suffice. Shoving herself deep under the covers, she let out a deep, relaxed sigh. Finals were finally over, and it was a happy thing in anyone's eyes. Summer had arrived, and just the feel of the warm, serene, summer breeze that was wafting gently through Delia's open window was a foretelling of a kick-ass break. There would be no more homework, teachers, late bells, essays, tests… well, at least for two months or so; but any amount of time was good enough. Just as Delia was almost drifting off into a peaceful slumber, the phone on her nightstand rang shrilly. Flinging her arm over and nearly knocking over her hot pink and black polka-dotted lampshade, she took the phone out of the receiver.

"Delia's room, Delia speaking." She said in a soft, and relaxed tone.

"The way you answer the phone is so boring…" Said an extremely familiar voice.

"Hello, Quinn." Delia said, rolling her eyes at her best friend's criticism. "Sorry it is not to your liking."

"So, what's going on? I'm totally bored over here…" Delia could almost laugh, because her friend's house was anything but boring. Her mom and dad always strutted around in crazy outfits, because they worked on the creation and ideas of costumes in movies. An only child, Quinn had her own room, which took up the whole entire upper level of the home, except for a small bathroom. Delia could picture Quinn now; probably hanging upside down from her roof, looking out on the quiet, but rather large, cul-de-sac below.

"Would you like to come over here? I'm sure it'd be so much more entertaining." Delia said sarcastically, kicking off her flip-flops. She turned towards the other side of the room, opposite of the open window and threw her biggest pillow at the door, attempting to close it. She nearly succeeded, and the result was a door that was closed but not in locked place.

"How 'bout we… er… fix a little something for me?" She asked with a slight pause, which wasn't really the usual Quinn attitude. That meant that something big was up, and it would be like a secret mission for the two girls.

This grabbed her attention. "Where?" Delia asked, sitting up on her bed eagerly, but with a determined look.

"School. It's nearly closing time, so we'll have to hurry. I'll get Roger to drive." Because of the high-paying job of her parents, Quinn lived in a sleek and luxurious mansion, for a crazy house. Not one to act like a rich snob, Quinn didn't show off her wealth in her choice of clothing or attitude at all. And really, she never liked traveling by limo, but this time it would have to be fast; and a bike just wouldn't suffice. "I'd ask my parents just to drive in the normal car, but then they'd want to know why…and they shouldn't have to know about our little…project. Roger will keep the secret well." Roger was Quinn's limo driver, butler, and one of the gruesome twosome's best friends.

"Be here in two. I need time to get ready." Slamming the phone down into the cradle, she peeked out the window and saw that the sun had already begun to set. Funny, how time flies when you're having fun…