I am just this girl With blond hair, muddy pants Blue eyes and no socks on. It's raining out here, and it's cold But I am still smiling. I have a secret which I've been keeping Not very well, might I add. And sitting beneath this willow tree On a damp coat, on a gray afternoon Is not helping me deny it. "I'm in love!"

Shouts a girl in the distance To her friend who is starting his car. She is wearing red lips today, And I have on some Chap Stick. I see her hair has been bleached blond And mine is far sandier than that. And she tries to dodge the raindrops As I whisper to them "please fall" And she is lighting a cigarette And I am holding a pen. "I'm in love!"

Cheers my notepad as I stare down at it I want to write a million poems With a million verses, With a million lines, With a million words, All saying things that mean "I love you." Sometimes you're the sun, all warm and bright And your brilliance seems to make me valiant. And sometimes, you're the moon, all soft and mysterious, You go away, and yet you never leave me at all. "I'm in love."

A gust of wind brings a drop of rain You're a whole bunch of things that I could never explain to you. And if I could, I want you to know, I'd write the best damn love song ever recorded. One that all would remember As the most beautiful and inspired written. And I would give it your name. My lyrics may be like me, frivolous and irrational. Maybe not perfect, but somewhat educational And if you read them right, they're pretty. I'm in love, I just haven't met you yet.