Twelve Years Ago

A two year old girl and her three sisters of four, six, and eight, walked into their grandmother's house with their mother and their suitcases. There they started their new lives with their uncle and grandmother at their grandmother's house.
Their father was an alcoholic, and their mother warned him she'd leave him if he didn't get his act together. When he stopped the alcohol, however, he turned to drugs. Their mother couldn't have her babies exposed to this, so she immediately packed their suitcases and left. The girls were devastated. They couldn't understand why their parents, after twelve long years of marriage, were divorcing. They loved their father, but knew whatever their mother said would have to be best. The one that was least affected was the oldest. She was their half sister. She had a different father. She was the product of their mother's first marriage. But it still hurt her because the other girls' father had always been like a second father to her.
Then their grandmother walked into the room.
"Hello girls! It's been a while."
"GRANDMA!" The girls all screamed as they ran up and hugged their grandmother. Their uncle heard the noise and, in his wheelchair, came into the living room.
"Hey girls."
"Hello uncle Tony." They said in unison. He walked over to them.
"How was your trip?"
"It was LONG!"
"And boring!"
"Yeah, and the car smelled!"
"And I got to pee!" The youngest said. Tony laughed and took her hand. He showed her the bathroom. Their lives would be changed in a way they couldn't even comprehend, and all they could care about was what was for dinner tonight. They were so young, so innocent.

A/N- ok, yea, it sucked before, but I fixed it. Would it help to add that this is my biography? True. Every word of it. It's all true. I was so young. It still hurts me to this day. It's probably the root of my pain. But I'm dealing, that's why I'm writing this, to help get it all out. Thanks. P.s. yes, I say Uncle Tony walks, it's his form of walking, I mean, what do you want me to say, he wheeled? Lol. Yeah, please review.