Three Years Later

The same girl at the young age of five sits in the living room with her seven-year-old sister. The couch feels like it's sinking in with the passing seconds. Church has been out for two hours, but their father still hasn't showed. This was nothing new, but the child had always kept her hopes up. Her older sister just left to her room. After another hour of the child sitting on the couch she fell asleep.
That night, around eleven, her mother came home to see her asleep in the fetal position on the couch. She brought a blanket and covered her with it. She kissed her gently on the forehead.
"Goodnight my baby. I'm so sorry." She said and went to see her mother and find out what lame excuse he had come up with this time. She picked up the phone and dialed his number.
Meanwhile, the young girl stirred and woke up to her mother's shouts over the phone. She walked to the door of her mother and grandmother's room.
"NO! There is no excuse for this! This is the millionth time, and I can't keep letting you hurt my babies! If you don't come next time, they just might loose hope in you. God knows I gave up on it years ago." She hung up the phone and turned to see her baby in the doorway.
"Oh, baby, I'm so sorry." She walked up to her and picked her up. "Let's go to bed." She said and took her to her room, where her sister was already sleeping. She laid her on the opposite end of the bed and kissed her goodnight.
"Night baby, night Jessie." She whispered softly.