Written in mid-2001.

You spend

all your life waiting.

All your time asking

if you were right.

You'll see

you'll be done soon now.

You'll be dead shortly.

Give it some time.

Like me

wasting the minutes,

throwing them all away.

Losing my mind.

I spent

eighteen years waiting.

All that time lost now,

so I could stand by.


Now I am wiser;

now I am living

or trying to.

Here I

wander the darkness.

Standing alone now,

lost all the same.

I plead

with all these shadows,

praying they'll show me

another way.

I think

I'll keep on waiting,

waiting for my light

or shining star.

I need

that warm comfort.

The peace and the safety

that waiting brings.

So I'll

fade to the portrait.

Lose all your innocence,

white brings on black.