The warmth of spring awakens the earth
Chipmunks and squirrels dance around with mirth
The sunrays blanket more of the forests
The birds fly freely singing their chorus
The bears are out roaming the plains
Over the village are the massive rains
The trees wave as the air rushes through
Fireflies glow during a night of blue
The water is flowing over the creatures
The jack lope arrives with exotic features
The spring constellations are driving away
The winter ones who are striving to stay
Icicles disintegrated from the tops of trees
Hail storms dissolved into a cool breeze
The enchanted skies are clearer than glass
Those golden streams silhouettes the grass
The aspidistras look across the sea
To watch their siblings grow as tall as can be
When you heard the earth singing
Let that remind you that life is just the beginning!