A Good Day

"Hey, Kid! STOP!" yelled the cop chasing him. Jed stole a glance over his shoulder at the cop and grinned, as its the same one he always got on his tail. there's no way he's gonna catch ME, he thought as he half ran up a wall taking a corner. Luckily, it saved him from knocking down an old woman, as he just ran over her, but it did slow him down some.

No matter. He put on a little extra speed as he came to the stairs in front of city hall, Easily a couple hundred steps long, and without missing a step, jumped up and slid down the rail like a skater. I REALLY like these shoes he thought as he slid down the rail, the carved out part of his shoes keeping him from falling, the incredibly slick inner coating allowing him to ride down the rail faster than anyone could possibly run. As soon as he got to the bottom, He did a quick flip off the end, and landed in a crouch, looking over his shoulder.

The cops were just standing there watching. He gave a jaunty wave, and dashed across the rush hour traffic to disappear into the alleys.

As soon as he felt safe, he paused behind a dumpster and checked his backpack. Still inside were his favorite pair of nunchaku, and the food he had just stolen. He grinned to himself. It had been a good run. He stood and continued on his way home.

As he climbed through the second story window, the only way to get in and out since his parents had died and his house had been boarded up, he called out to his friends, who were, from the sounds of it, in the kitchen, so he made his way downstairs.

He was right, they were in the kitchen, doing the dishes for once. He grinned. Jed, Tory, and Sam had all been really close when they were kids, and when Tory and Sam's parents had decided to move they managed to stay behind and help Jed. They all did what they could to survive.

Sam, who was a tech genius, had figured out how to get fresh water to the house, and even got electricity back. He was currently making a website on the computer that they had borrowed, to try and get funds to help them live more comfortably.

Tory, Sam's twin sister (older by a couple of minutes and looking nothing like him), was more into nature, and for the most part if a food she wanted Jed couldn't steal, she could probably grow it, and even had a garden growing under the skylight.

Jed of course, was way into extreme sports. He liked blading the best, but never could use blades, so he had lifted himself a pair of soaps (shoes with 'soaped" places on the bottoms to slide across rails and whatnot), and gotten very good at them. And since he was the most athletic, he also took it upon himself to be the sneakiest too, so he was their biggest source of income and food. He hadn't been caught yet and he'd be damned if he let someone catch him later.

With this in mind he strode over to the table they had salvaged from someone's garbage pile (that had been only thanks to Sam they had gotten it in at all), and put his back pack onto it.

"Lady and Gentleman, I give you... Next weeks Rations!" he said with dramatic flare. The others just groaned and kept scrubbing, so he opened the backpack and started putting things away.

"So, how did it go, Ninja Master?" asked Sam as he dried off a plate and put it on the counter.

"Pretty well. I got busted and had to bail, so I'm gonna have to hit another store tomorrow unless someone wants to give me some cash to pay for stuff legit?" He answered.

Tory tossed him her wallet and he took out the 20 bucks he'd need to pay for groceries and tossed it back to her. "Thanks. Its nice when I can pay for the stuff and not get chased out."

This brought chuckles from everyone, and soon they were done with their chores. They walked into the living room together and sat down to watch TV, but it appeared Sam had a surprise, as he walked into another room after Tor and Jed had sat down, saying he needed to get something.

Jed grinned at the TV, knowing exactly what was going on, and stole a glance at Tory. She was actually rather pretty, a bit on the shorter side, but muscled from spending a year on the streets with Jed. Her brown hair came down to her shoulders, her eyes a soft slate blue, her skin a warm golden tone due to her Asian heritage, though her dad was white. He sighed as he shifted his gaze back to the TV. Not much later, Sam walked in, carrying something large behind his back, and grinning.

He started singing Happy Birthday and so Jed joined in too, and when they were done, Sam handed her his present. It really wasn't much to look at, and at Tory's quizzical look, Sam grinned and took it back, walked over and hooked it up to the TV.

"Congrats to you, as you now have a Brand New DVD player!" he said, grinning ear to ear. The box was mostly exposed boards and wiring, but that was ok, so long as it works. Tory jumped up and hugged her brother

"Thanks Sam." was all she said, but now it was time for Jed to unleash his presents. He reached under his sweatshirt and pulled out a pair of DVD's, one for Sam, and one for Tory, to whom he handed accordingly.

Sam looked utterly shocked, and Tory was almost in tears, but they were both very happy as they looked at their new presents. "Well?" he asked, "Are we gonna sit here and look at covers, or we actually gonna watch em?"

Chuckling, Sam thanked him, and put in his movie, while Tory came over and kissed Jed on the cheek. "Thanks Jed!" Jed turned a little red, but that was ok, as they all three sat and watched movies for the rest of the night.