A/N: God, it's been forever, hasn't it? I'm really sorry, I've been so incredibly busy. Who wants to kill sophomore year for me? I do! How pathetic. I'm almost a Junior, and I have senior-itis. Anyway, here...my attempt at a new chapter.

"Jolene." Joanna leapt toward the girl, baring her teeth and just daring Gabriel to come near her daughter. Gabe simply laughed, leaning tipsily to one side as he staggered into the room and propped himself up against the wall.

"Ohh, did I interrupt the sweet little mommy-daughter moment?" He waved the gun around for emphasis. "It's like I care. Unfortunately, I don't." Gabriel took a step forward, and Joanna snarled, her fangs standing up.

"Get away from her. Did you ever consider that she doesn't want to be a part of us anymore?" She screamed.

"Oh, but she does, darling. She does," Gabriel leapt forward, pinning Jolene to the wall by her chin. "Don't you?" His breath was putrid in her face, and Jolene squirmed to get away as Gabe laughed. "See? She's so eager to be with us that she's practically writhing with excitement!" Jolene leaned forward, shoving, and Gabriel landed on his back atop the bed.

"I never wanted to be one of yours." Jolene screamed, her hair brushing his face. Joanna stood just behind her with her arms crossed over her chest, panting with exhaustion.

"Oh really?" Gabriel said, amused, as he sat up and knocked Jolene away from him, grabbing his wife and restraining her arms behind her back, putting the gun to her temple. "You have two choices my dear. Stay with us, and we'll all be peachy keen. Leave, and guess who gets it." Jolene felt anger flood her cheeks, and she stared at Gabriel with an unfathomable fountain of hatred. Joanna sighed exasperatedly.

"Just go, Jolene. I can take care of myself." She muttered. Gabriel's grip tightened on Joanna's arms and pressing the gun further into her head. Jolene paused in mid-step. "Go!" Joanna screamed as the door flew open and an extremely weathered looking Leslie Evanheurt stepped into the room, panic flooding her eyes.

"Oh, Mom," Leslie gasped, running toward her parents and kicking Gabriel in the shin. Taken aback, Gabriel fell to his knees, and in the split second she had, Leslie took her mother by the arms and shoved her into the corner. She turned toward Jolene and smiled weakly. "Hey, sis," She said cordially, gesturing at Gabriel. "Am I to assume that you all started a party without me?"

"You," Gabriel roared, "are supposed to be in jail." Leslie smiled to herself, and held out a hand palm-up, a symbol of fealty.

"I am, after all, a witch, Daddy. I can do whatever I damn well please," Leslie took a step toward her father, who was still attempting to point the gun at his wife from the opposite corner. "Now, let's analyze this situation for a moment, shall we? A man is trying to kill his wife and adopted daughter, when his actual daughter comes barging in, and he still tries to kill his wife. I don't think that's very fair, do you?" She reached behind her father's back, prying the gun out of his grasp. "After all, I'm your blood child. I'm the one that came out of her." Leslie pointed a trembling finger at Joanna.

"What's your point?" Jolene demanded.

"My point? My point, sister dear, is that somebody has got to go." Leslie cocked the gun. "And I know just who it is." In that one moment, Joanna crouched down, Jolene lunged for her, Gabriel knocked the gun out of Leslie's hand, it hit the ground, and shook the room with a resounding 'bang'. The smell of death pervaded the room.