A/N: Heya. I realized that I needed someone named Grace in this story to make the title make sense and/or have a very ambiguous, deep title. So "Saving Grace" is both about saving someone literally named Grace, someone being someone else's saving Grace, and ... you'll get it from now, I suppose. This would be another one of my 1 in the morning attempts at profoundness. It failed, but maybe you can find it decently amusing. ;)
~ Patricia

Evangeline bustled down the hallway, clutching a fistful of bright red roses for her altar, as Fabian ran past her. He skidded to a halt and approached her with some trepidation, blushing some.

"Hey." He said softly. Evangeline beamed at him.

"Hello, my son. Did you get miss Jolene settled?" Fabian sighed.

"I'm not your son, and yes, I did get her settled."

"Oh, she quite fancies you, you know." Evangeline said with a firm nod.

"She does NOT," Fabian said firmly, eyeing the roses. "Speaking of fancying, however, can I borrow those?" He gestured at the bouquet.

"Well, son, they're an offering to our lord God, and."

"I'll pay you back!" He said breathlessly, his eyes filled with longing. Evangeline slowly held out her flowers, which Fabian grabbed and ran off with.

"Don't spoil her too rotten!" Evangeline called after him. But he was already on the street.


"Grace!" Fabian screeched, knocking in the door of her apartment. Grace Childers looked up from her newspaper, startled. Her alarm turned quickly into pleasure as she purred her way into Fabian's arms, however.

"They match your hair." He said lovingly, using the stem of a rose to brush her crimson hair out of her eyes.

"That color is as fake as the Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction!" Grace pointed out, complaining, but the expression on her face didn't match. She took the roses into her kitchen and tipped them into a vase she filled at the sink.

"Anything new at work?" She asked as she set the vase on the windowsill and wiped her hands clean with a dishtowel.

"I think I've found a vampire!" Fabian said proudly as he threw himself into an armchair, swinging his feet on top of the coffee table.

"A VAMPIRE?" Grace wrinkled her nose as she set down the towel. "Those were always such nasty looking things in movies. So greasy." Fabian chuckled.

"This one's a girl, dear." Grace's eyes widened.


"Yup. Jolene Harris. Raven hair, ungodly green eyes." Grace swung herself into Fabian's lap.

"She'd better not take my place. She said haughtily, blue eyes twinkling.

"Never, babe," Fabian assured her. "You're all mine."

... not if Jolene could help it, that is ...