Empty promises, failed revelations, broken dreams

For a glimmer of success, on bended knee she prays,

Taunting stares, echoing gasps, silent screams

Bribing fate through an endless array of shameless praise

She'll trample into bed, anxiously awaiting tomorrow's new start

Lying beside him, grey eyes close as the world becomes a blur

Remorseless lies as his weapon, he corrupts an innocent heart

Embracing her body under the sheets, claiming that he loves her

Another week creeps past, bearing only slandered ambition

Seven meaningless days to add to a self-proclaimed void existence

Naturally, she'll call upon him to fix it all, this pitiful condition

She knows he'll come at once; his devotion will travel any distance

She'll need his broad shoulder to muffle her desperate cries

Whispering into her ear, all sorts of rootless confidences and lies

She'll want him to provide a new image in which she may disguise

He'll build her up, only to face another ego shattering demise

But, today, she needs his salty tears to wash away sickening pain

Breaking waves of depression, slowly drifting her away

Right now, she wants him to grab the knife digging into her vein

Despite repeated attempts, she can't cry this all away

He finds her, collapsed on the floor, shouting out his name

Ruby tears drip over goals that had seemed accostable

Even at her own suicide, success she could not claim

It's clear that life is simply one big mission impossible

Around flawlessly sculpted hands, callus fingers clasp

Rescuing her from yet another failed endeavor

Gently, she slides her manicured nails from his grasp

They both knew she couldn't hold on forever