"Candy Hearts"

I spilled some candy on the ground

And then I stopped to look around.

There were so many colors sprawled there

That some kids decided to stop and stare.

I picked each piece up ever so carefully

And held it up so that everyone could see.

They wereall shaped like little hearts.

But a special one gave me quite a start.

It didn't say 'hottie', 'sweetie', or 'cutie pie',

Instead was something that caught my eye.

'I love you'. was simply what it said

But then the words wouldn't leave my head.

I just couldn't put that one heart down

All the children watching began to frown

They became bored and left real soon

But I stayed there until half past noon.

This little pink heart had been so kind

As to read exactly what was on my mind.

And having said that, I'd like to say

That I love you Honey! Now and Always!