"Life is pointless, life sucks." That was the last part of Holly's poem. Her teacher, Mrs. Andrews, was worried about her. This was the fourth poem about 'pointless life' or death. Mrs. Andrews went to the guidance counselor's office. They had all ready talked about Holly several times. That afternoon, Holly's mother got a call from the school.
"Hello Mrs. Hunter?"
"Hello, this is your daughter's guidance counselor. We would like to talk to you about her. Would you like to come into school?"
"What is this concerning?" "Well, we have evidence to believe your daughter is masochistic or even suicidal."
Holly's mom was speechless. The only words she could say were, "excuse me?"
"Well, now you understand why we would like you to come in."
"I'm sorry, but there is no way I could come in. I already took too much time off from work when my youngest child, Alexander, was sick. And I can't after office hours; there is no one to take care of my kids." Holly's mother explained, desperately trying to get out of a meeting with the school. She knew it was a great school; school just wasn't the best place for Holly's mother.
"Would you like to have a meeting on the phone?"
"That would be fine."
"Is now a good time?"
"How long will it last?"
"That is undeterminable"
"I suppose, but I may have to leave at a certain point."
"That is fine. Let me just put you on hold so Holly's English Teacher may come on the line. Okay, we are all here. Now Mrs. Andrews, please explain why you believe Holly is masochistic or suicidal."
"Well," Mrs. Andrews said. "She has written several poems and stories about death and leaving life. She constantly has marks on her arms, possibly from cutting herself. Mrs. Hunter, how is her behavior at home?"
"Do you think this is because of home life? She acts the same way she has always acted. She takes care of her siblings, she doesn't act any different. Could you tell me how she acts in her classes?"
"She is a normal student. She behaves most of the time, and talks with her friends. I just thought she may act differently around her family." Mrs. Andrews said.
"She doesn't." said Holly's mom.
"Okay. Well, how can we explain holly's pieces of writing?"
"She is a teenager. Her emotions fluctuate. She needs a way to express her feelings. Um, excuse me. I must go. My son is crying."
"Good bye" holly's mom just hung up without saying anything else.

That day, Holly's mom came up to her when holly got home from her friends house.
"Yes mom."
"Are you okay?"
"Yeah, why?"
"I got a call saying you were masochistic or suicidal."
"What?! Why would I? That's stupid. I don't like getting hurt, and there's no way I want to die!"
"That's what I thought! Your school is crazy."
"I know. That's why I write controversial things so they get all excited. You know my friend couldn't show her movie just because it was too political! How stupid is that! Why do I go to this school?"
"You get a good education. Now get ready, your dad will be picking you up soon."
"Okay mom. See ya later. Love ya." Holly went to her room to get her stuff.

Holly told her dad about what the school thought in the car. "Are they crazy? Why would they think that about you?" her dad said laughing as they pulled into his driveway. "Stacy made dinner." Holly stopped laughing. She loved her father, and she thought she should be happy when he found someone to make him happy, but that didn't happen. Her dad and Stacy had been going out for two years. They started dating about a year after Holly's parents got divorced.
Holly saw Stacy as a home wrecker. Holly subconsciously blamed Stacy for braking up her parents, even though her parents were broken up before Stacy came into the picture.
"Hi Holly!" Stacy said in a high-pitched annoying voice. "It's been so long since we've seen each other!" she had her arms out stretched waiting for a hug.
"We saw each other two weeks ago." Holly said as she walked past her, using her bags as an excuse.
"Dad," Holly whispered. "I thought it would just be the two of us."
"Well, Stacy wanted to join us. I thought it would be nice."
"Right. I'll be upstairs. I have homework."
"Can't you do homework later? Don't you want to hang out? Do some father-daughter bonding?"
"I can tell you're busy with Stacy, I'll be up in my room." She walked upstairs, and went into her room. Holly went and sat on the bed. She laid back, and then she screamed. Her dad ran to her room.
"What is it honey? What's wrong?"
"What happened to my bed? What happened to my room!? This is not where I'll be sleeping!"
Her room used to have a small TV in the corner. Have a wood floor with two rugs on it. She had regular sheets on it. Her closet wasn't organized, and she had tons of CDs. Now, there was pink everywhere. On the floor, the walls, her bed! Holly's closet was organized and there were pink outfits added to them. And all her CDs were in pink CD holders. When she looked at them, some were missing. And the TV was gone.
"Oh, I though you would like it." Stacy said. "I cleaned up in here. Added a few things."
"Where's the TV?"
"I didn't think you needed it."
"Where's my radio?"
"Oh I borrowed it."
"What did you do, why?"
"I thought you would like it."
"Where are my CDs?"
"Oh, most should be there. I took out the ones with parental advisory."
"I thought they were inappropriate."
Now Holly was really mad. Everything was just straw, this was a brick. "You have no right going through my stuff! You can't take things out of here without my permission, you can't redecorate anything! And you sure as hell can't try to be 'parental'! You are not my mother! All those parental advisory CDs, I had permission to have them, from both my mom and dad. Screw it. I'm leaving. Dad take me home."
"Now honey, I thought you would like your room to be redecorated."
"You were in on this?" Holly was outraged. "Take me home now."
"Let's just eat dinner first. Stacy made pasta."
"Fine, I'm going to call mom."
"No dad. You're not ganna take me home. Mom will." She called her mom's cell. "Hi mom, can you pick me up. Yeah, I want to go home. I don't want to spend time with dad this weekend, and I especially don't want to spend time with Stacy. Thanks mom." She hung up the phone. "Mom's picking me up." Stacy was out the door. She was crying.
"Young lady go apologies to Stacy right now, you made her cry."
"I don't give a shit."
"Don't swear around me."
"Did you not hear me? I DON'T GIVE A SHIT!" and with that, Holly got all her stuff, and went to the driveway to wait for her mom.
When her mom came, she told her everything on the ride home. "Oh my god. How could he? I thought your dad was better than that."
"Me too."
"Well, do you want to invite any of your friends over? Your weekend is free.
"Maybe." They went home, and Holly invited her friend Christy for a sleepover.