It was a windy Monday evening and a troubled young blonde walked through the door just a little before ten. The girl knew she was home late and that there would probably be a discussion from her father about her tardiness but she was tired, hungry and frankly didn't care what he or anyone is the house had to say about it. Of course her Dad was waiting downstairs for her when she finally made into the house. She knew her curfew was 9:30 but instead of just admitting to her tardiness she snapped back at her father and lied about the change in time. Her father and step- mother were both used to the attitude she so often displayed in their presence so they let her continue up the stairs to her room. Her step- mother being the kind and warm loving person she was had made her dinner even though she knew deep down inside that she didn't deserve anything not even the time and effort it took to prepare a separate dish just for her. As their daughter trudged up the stairs the step-mother called out to remind her that her dinner was waiting for her in the kitchen and the comment must have struck a nerve in the dear child because she yelled out at her parents and said "What?" This irritated the father to the brink of had he let his daughter walk all over him and his wife for such a long time. He confronted the little selfish reflection of his ex-wife and got the reaction he most dreaded which was a a teen going on 30 type of attitude. There was complete disrespect from his daughter from the beginning of the altercation and this was something he would no longer accept. After a half hour of trying to talk to her and her disrespecting him he finally reached his breaking point.. This child that he had raised for the last seventeen years spat back at him that he was a failure for a father. This comment cut through his bones like a knife but he couldn't show her his weakness so he did what any right-minded parent would do he yelled and raised his voice and he grilled her like a sirloin stake on warm summer day. She didn't back down from him and for that he admired her strong nature but there was a time and place for that and now was not the time. She figured that she would go to bed and avoid anymore yelling but she had hurt her father for the last time and he dragged her a$$ out of bed. The family had never seen this side of him but his own daughter was laughing in his face and he didn't know how else to react. She had hurt him to the point that he grabbed a hand full of garbage bags and threw them on the bed and told her to pack her crap and get the hell out of his house. We all thought he was being sarcastic until we saw full bags flying from the bedroom and then I knew there was no turning back. She even got up the courage to shove her own father out of her way so she could escape.. He carried her bags to the car and removed the house key from her key ring and just stood there as she pulled out of the driveway.. Meanwhile Heather was told to call her mother and fill her in as to what was happening. Her mother was not even the least bit surprised to hear of her daughters departure. Her parents talked on the phone for a while about the circumstances surrounding the situation and mom even offered to take the daughter back into her home but only after she agreed to see someone. Come to find out that the daughter called her mother just a few short minutes later but just to disrespect her as well as she hung up on the only chance she had left. To this day we aren't sure where she'll be or when she'll be coming home but until then we remain united as one minus a half.