It is a shame that one would intentionally attack the very hand. that sometimes held them up at their weakest point. Caring is caring but when will it ever be enough for those who require the sort of attention everyone so often desires but can't always have. Jumping at every bark and call is not what friendship is meant to be. A common playing field between many, where differences are put aside and oddities are accepted, that's what the game is about. Through the troubling and unpleasant is when the bond begins to crack either crumbling to the forgotten or surviving the strain. Obviously yours was not meant to be because selfishness was all you could see! Although you proclaim that help was not there I know the truth and that's all that matters because I know deep down who my real friends really are. I accept them for their faults and yes, sometimes their major mistakes but I will never give up so easily if my heart is really in it. And to those who may stand against us; I will stand tall until the death, if I must because a true friend is in it to the end no matter what the cost.