Dear Readers,

Okay, I decided. This will be a collection of stories, involving the 2 same characters. This a series of short stories, totally unrelated, about there relationship. Remember these are unrelated. These are just little stories that I thought up, that I somehow wanted to try to connect, but, I couldn't. So Enjoy.


P. S.: Always remember, you can't scorn the world if you make no attempt to change it, same thing for writing. You read a story with millions of spelling mistakes and don't say anything about it. Its not the writers fault you didn't speak up.

P. S. S.: Flames will not be tolerated. Warnings are below.

Warnings: This will always contain Homosexual relationships, you see I am not a gay man, but I am a lesbian so I have a vague idea, how things go. This will contain, death, suicide, cutting, pills, drugs, drinking, cheating, tears, torture, rape, prostitution, kidnapping, and cameo's.

Disclaimer: Discalimed.(E-mail me if you want to know why that is there (thebldringedmoon )

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