All of Us Part 1 of a 2 part story.

\+/As soon as you stepped through my door + I saw you for the first time all over again. + And time well spent seems + Lonelier than the way it used to go. \+/

I hear the knock, I don't care, I don't want to care. But, I know what it is, and I know I need it. I closed my eyes as I haul my tired body from the pest ridden bed. This is a private meeting, no middle man, just me and, him. God. Him.

The knock is louder and more impatient now. I make a grunt that was supposed to be a "hold on!" or a "coming." But I don't care about my voice anymore. I reach for the squalid motel handle. I squint my eyes, against the bright light of the hall. I crack the door, leaving the chain secured.

I grunt again.

"Let me in, I don't like to wait." I hear the gruff voice, probably in his late twenties, early thirties. It's a little too rough to be much youngr. I close the door, and undo the chain and let him in. He asks where the bathroom is. I point, its self explanatory the only other door, in this damned place.

I don't really get a look at him. But, his hair is back in a pony tail. Though I like men with long hair. I rub my own, the red is kind of fading, and it is in thick, used to, be gelled strings, in front of my eyes. I look at myself in the mirror. If this guy was going to pay me what he said over the phone I should have cleaned up.

My two day old leather pants, which I have owned my whole career, are looking rattier then ever, and my shirt isn't much better. It's half falling off and was at one time long sleeved.

I hear the bathroom door close, and I feel eyes upon me. I turn slowly.

"'Lo?" I whisper, when I don't see anyone. Shit this guy is freaking me out. I turn and he is on my bed. I raise an eyebrow, as he raises his. He stands up and walks towards me, his hands find there way on to my shoulders. I look into his eyes. Baby Blue. One hand moves up to my cheek. as the other slips lower. .Pop. My last buttons on the shirt falls to the ground.

\+/ I smell you for the first time all over again + I'll begin to remember to feel it? \+/

After he looked at my body, counted my bruises and scars, laid down the law, and worked out a price, for my nightly stay. I packed my suitcase, all my belongings, into the hard bound red case. I headed for California. I headed for the USA.


"Welcome, to my house, remember what I said, anything stolen and you die, and I am not kidding." I nodded and followed him to his room and set down my case., and followed him back to the house for the 'grand' tour. The place was Spartanly furnished, which shocked me. The man must be rich for the price he is paying for me.

"Since you'll be living here for a month I may ask you to do more then just fuck me. Cooking, cleaning, ect. . . Understand?"

I nodded, and stood in front of him as he sat in a chair, and watched me. I fidgeted, I wasn't a performer, I was a hooker for a reason. Well, now I was a house. . hooker. He beckoned me unto his lap. I looked at him appraisingly, and took a seat. A searing tearing pain ripped through my head, and then left me with a throbbing ear. I clutched it.

"What was that for?" I said, in a hastened whisper. He smirked the brought a hand into my hair and tugged on it.

"Don't hesitate, it is one of my pet peeves" I nodded and removed my hand from my ear, a little blood was drying on my hand, damn he bites hard. I wiped it on my pants quickly. I kept my smarting off to him, in my head, just what I needed this fucker to kill me, maybe beat the shit out of me if he was kind.

"So what can you do?" He asked looking at my mouth.

"Well, I can breath, I can talk, I can eat, I can blink, digest food, and let my heart beat." Well, so much for keeping my smart mouth to myself. " I felt his hand go back into my hair.

His hand twisted in my hair, and yanked hard, then my body was pushed down the floor. His hands grabbed my head and flipped my to face his stomach, the pain in my neck, resided as my body turned to face it. I guess I should be relieved my neck didn't break.

"I meant with that." He said in his low growling tone. I nodded, keep it together Miguel, there is big money here.

"Well, whatever you would like, I guess." I shrugged, I didn't know the full capabilities of my mouth. I haven't done it all before.

"Well, lets find out what it can do." I put my hands on his thighs, and closed my eyes. My scalp throbbed, I wondered if the money was worth living with this man for a month.

\+/ So if you don't mind + I think I'll wear my heart on my sleeve, + 'Cause I'm tired of not being able to breathe.\+/

The days seemed to slip by, faster then I expected. My body for the first week was beaten into positions then the positions burned into my memory. I know how he loved to have sex, how he wanted my to tease, how to please him.


I woke up, in his bed again, this time I felt him leave me. Somewhere inside I felt betrayed, he should stay just one day with me there is not much to do alone in his house. I waited until he left the room before I stretched out, I let my limbs take over his bed, and yawned, last night was adventurous. I sat up and hoisted myself, up and out of his bed to the shower.

We had created a routine, not meaning to, but we had. He would wake and leave and thirty minutes after he would leave, which I had found out today upon waking.I would wake up, take a shower, change the sheets, and I walk around looking for chores. While he works, I still don't know what he does. But, I do know he is twenty-four, Its weird, in the states, him having sex with me would be rape, since I am seventeen, and five months.

But when I told him he didn't cart me back to Mexicali, he just continued talking. It just made me wonder if he heard me. . . I also know he loves Metal music, which is weird, I thought they hated gay people. I also found out he has connections, and he has something on me, but, he wont tell me what.

As soon as my shower is over and I have changed the sheets I set off to clean up his house. I busy myself until dinner, which doesn't occur until he gets home and tells me what he wants, I cook while he showers, we eat together in silence.


"Miguel." I look up from my food, and cock my head to the side.

"hmm?" I say silently.

"I am going to bring another one home." I stare at him, confused for a second. Then it hits me, I stand up.

"No. No, your not." He stands and walks toward me a glint in his eyes that tells me I am in trouble.

"I'll do as I please."

"I wont do anything with them!"

"I don't expect you to."

I stare at him. I feel like I have just been hit in the stomach with a wreaking ball, and instead of shattering my intestines. It shattered my ribs, and made the veins in my wrists seem more noticeable. I walked away from the table and hid under his desk, in the study, and started to cry. Why did he make me feel this way? Fucking bastard. Die. I hate him. Am I not enough, he brought me here. why now? I was just starting to like him.

The realization of time hit, the realization of feeling, the world hit me, and landed on my back. It made my legs shatter, my heart faultier, and my breath catch in my throat.

\+/All of us are searching for an open arm. + Well, it's a shame how I curl up in the dark.\+/

I have to leave. He doesn't need me anymore.

\+/When it's the same old word giving me the spark. \+/

I grabbed my suit =case from his room when I heard him leave, to pick up his new toy. I picked up my possessions and grabbed 30 dollars from his wallet. I didn't stay the whole month so I don't get full payment. I headed out the door. walking toward the highway, hoping to find a trucker heading my way.

On the walk all I could do was curse numbly at him, my body was exhausted, and I just wanted to die. I curled up in a ditch and settled down for the night. I hoped he was fucking happy. Prick.

\+/All of us are searching for an open arm. + Well, it's a shame how I curl up in the dark. \+/


Part 2 in Dez's POV coming soon.